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craigslistWe have received a new report of fraudulent activity on craigslist involving house rentals. The basic concept of the scam is that a criminal advertises a listed property as a rental. After the deposit checks are received, the unknowing consumer finds out that the property was never for rent. The alarming result of this crime is that in many cases, the homeowner becomes aware that the property has been rented to an equally unsuspecting person when the renter shows up at their house! In one local incident, the renter showed up at the office of the listing REALTOR® (getting the name from the sign in the yard) and asked for the keys, having arrived at the office in the moving truck with all their belongings inside.

craigslist rentals

NNRMLS is very disappointed to say we have no jurisdiction over these types of complaints. The criminals are not our members, and have no affiliation with NNRMLS.

The best advice we can offer is to be diligent and proactively search craigslist for your listings. If you find one, report it to craigslist immediately as fraudulent and they will mark it for removal.