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Just when you thought Paragon couldn’t get any better…it did! You can now edit your photos in your MLS system after you upload them! Cool, right?!?

Here’s how:

1. Upload your photos into Paragon, (Don’t know how? Call us at 823-8838 and we can help).

2. In the photo-editing section of maintaining your listing you will see a new icon shaped like a red pen:









3. Click the red-pen icon to begin editing your photo, (You can see below the
image of the house is upside down):








4. To rotate the photo, (turn it right side up), you will need to click either one of the rotate buttons twice:

a. Once to turn it 90 degrees:








And again to turn it a full 180 degrees:


Note: If your photo is not upside down but just sideways you will only need to click the rotate button once.





5. Now click the Save button, the resulting Yes button and your photo will be saved right-side up!







Now let’s “crop” an image. Cropping simply means to take a more focused view of the image…say to focus on the positive. Here’s how:


1. We’ll start with this photo by clicking the red-pen icon.






2. Now our objective is to remove the two well-posed felines from our shot, because we’ve been told that animals don’t help sell houses! Your mouse cursor will become a cross-hair icon and you can position it where you want to start your crop, left-click your mouse and hold down the left click button while dragging the cursor across the image to select the portion of the photo you want…in this case, the bit without “Tiger” and “Simba.”








3. Now to finally drop the these two crazy cats from your listing photo — click the crop icon, (it looks a little like a diamond crossing itself on either end).

apply crop to simba and tiger

4. Now click the Save button and click the Yes button from the resulting pop-up window. Save and Yes button no cats

5. The resulting new photo has no cats, (although in this example you can see a bit of their rear-ends still appearing in the frame),…but you get the ‘picture’ so to speak!








6. Voila! No more cats!