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NNRMLS Suspends Coming Soon for 12 Months in Response to Broker Sentiment
Due to strong Broker and Agent sentiment against Coming Soon, NNRMLS suspended the listing status for at least 12 months, during which time a task force will be formed that will work to address issues that concern our members about the status.

How, why and when was this decision made?
After extensive feedback gathered from Broker forums, all-member surveys, emails, phone calls and other member engagement it became clear that the majority of our members do not feel that Coming Soon, as it exists today, is providing them with the intended benefit. This led the NNRMLS Board of Trustees, during its regularly scheduled April meeting, to pass a motion to suspend the status for 12 months and establish a task force to examine next steps.

How and when will Coming Soon be suspended?
This process is being carried out during the month of May, with the substantive changes having occurred on May 3rd

Occurring on May 3, 2021:
NNRMLS removed the Coming Soon listing status from Paragon Listing input. This will prevent any new Coming Soon listings from being entered into Paragon starting May 3rd.

The Coming Soon Authorization Form has been removed from TransactionDesk and is no longer accepted by NNRMLS.

Occurring throughout the month of May 2021:
As listings that were in Coming Soon on May 3rd are changed to the New status no others will be permitted. NNRMLS predicts this process of attrition will result in no remaining Coming Soon listings in the system by the end of May.

What will happen to current Coming Soon listings?
Listings that are currently in the Coming Soon status will remain in that status until the Available for Showing Date, at which time they will be auto-converted to New.

Will third-party apps and websites, like Homesnap, be affected at all?
Because there will be no remaining Coming Soon listings in our system third-party apps and websites will no longer receive Coming Soon data from NNRMLS. They will likely keep their own Coming Soon options and categories due to other MLSs using this option. The NNRMLS Team will notify all IDX, VOW and Third-Party vendors of this change so that they can take appropriate action in their systems.

How will this affect my saved searches?
Your saved searches will continue to find Coming Soon listings that match your search criteria until all existing Coming Soon listings are changed to a different status.

Will this change affect any forms?
On May 3, 2021:
The Coming Soon Authorization Form was removed from TransactionDesk and is no longer accepted by NNRMLS.
The Exclusive Right to Sell listing contract was modified to remove language about Coming Soon.
Note: Our team is aware that some of the listing input forms and the status change form mention the Coming Soon status and our team is still determining if those forms will need to be changed while Coming Soon is suspended.

What replaces Coming Soon?
Now that Coming Soon is suspended there is no longer an active-no show status.
NNRMLS encourages you to input your listing in the spirit of Clear Cooperation. This means you would be required to list in MLS within two business days of the commencement date or the last seller signature, whichever date is later, on the listing contract.
An active, on-market listing is widely understood by consumers and agents alike to be available for showing and accepting offers. By entering your client’s listing into MLS you are telling buyers agents that the property is ready to show and ready for offers.
This time-tested formula delivers results and reliability and is in line with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
If you are not able to enter your listing within the required two business days because the property is not ready to show, we encourage you to consult with your Broker to determine the best practice for your situation. Remember, listings withheld from the MLS cannot be marketed. If you or your Broker have questions about the rules or policy regarding NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy or Withheld listings please reach out to compliance@nnrmls.com.
Our team wants you to know that we are listening. Coming Soon was intended to address the use-case of a seller who is ready to list but not ready to show. The Clear Cooperation Policy itself does not adequately address this use-case. In pausing the Coming Soon status, we are not walking away from the problem but rather taking a step back to work on a solution that better serves our members.

We will continue to communicate with you on this topic; please stay tuned and stay engaged.

NOTE: If you have a question that has not been answered in this FAQ, please leave it in the comment section below. If our team finds that it enhances the conversation on this topic and contributes to the knowledge of our readership we will publish your question with a verified answer if necessary.

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