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What’s new in Paragon?

Paragon’s made some changes to the Collab Center — we think you and your clients are going to love it!

The changes are not drastic and many clients may not even notice the difference. Let’s take a look at the new design:

As you can see, the Updates and Saved Listings have been separated in an-easy-to see banner across the top of the page.

Above the Updates and Saved Listings, tabs have been added. These tabs include the following:

  • Listing Activity: Home page of the Collab Center
  • Recent Sales: From six months back to the present
  • Communication: Between you and your client
  • Custom Folders: Contains any customized categories the client has created

Here’s a close-up view of the tabs:

For the client that has never seen the Collab Center before (or if they are confused by the new look), we’ve got an easy help tool, the overlay, that you can share with them. The handy overlay tool helps with navigation and can be accessed by clicking the question mark, located in the upper-right corner above your agent image.

Click the question mark and the overlay will appear:

Paragon has also added new, great-looking design to the welcome email that you send your clients, inviting them to view listings in the Collab Center. Take a look at a full-page example of the welcome email here.

What’s next? Later this year, Paragon will also introduce a new look to the recurring emails that your clients receive every time Paragon emails them about a new listing. Click here to view the Collab Center Updates/Changes coming later in 2017.

Your clients likely already know about the coming upgrade to their recurring email. At the top of every Collab Center email that your clients are receiving, now and up until the upgrade, there is a linked message notifying them of the change (see the arrow on the screenshot below).

When they click on the provided link, they are taken to a Paragon update page with more information.

We hope the new Collab Center look helps you and your clients collaborate effortlessly, lowering the barriers of communication and allowing you to complete your real estate searches with ease.