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Paragon 5.78 is here

What’s New?

  • Paragon Connect Detail View – Now this view is embedded in the Paragon Classic system as a new report you can use. This Powerful Report can be found in your Favorites folder and is called ConnectView. This report combines all the details of the Listing, with any Documents, Property History, Automated Valuations and Community Reports. If you are a premium tax member, you will see Public Record Data as well. Check out this short video
  • Saving a Partial Listing just got easier! You will no longer be required to save List Date, Type and Area. This will allow you to get the Partial started, even if you don’t have all the details. When the Partial Listing is converted to a Live Listing, the field requirements are enforced again.

Paragon Partial Save

  • Power Search is refined to bring you better results! In this release, Power Search has been enhanced in how it views a short numeric string. Assuming a short numeric string is looking for an address, Power Search will return exact matches first, before returning ‘starts with’ matches. For example, “123” will return listings with street number 123 before listings with street number 1234 or 1235.

Numerical Search

  • You have a new import option for your Contacts which will allow you to browse and multi-select Google contacts to import into Paragon. The fields that are imported are First and Last Name, the email address and the phone number.

Import Google Contacts

  • In a previous release, the ability to display associated public record pins with listing pins on the same map was implemented. However, the public record portion was limited to the map boundaries and ignored any drawings used in the search for listings. Now, when there are drawings on the map, the public record search will include the drawing coordinates in the search and limit the results to the drawings, just like the listings.

Includes coordinates

  • Now when you click on a Zestimate label you will be linked out to the specific property in Zillow, (Previously it only brought you to the Zillow website).


  • Similar to the Zestimate link, a link has been added to the REALTORS® Valuation Model to “SSO” the user directly into the Refined Valuation Model in RPR, where the user can use the interactive RVM to create a report. This link will only appear to Agents.

Valuation Model

  • The Parcel Property Panel has been enhanced for places that have multiple units, for example, a condo. You can now click on the Property Panel and it will display the multiple Unit numbers that have individual parcels.

Parcel Property Panel

Paragon Connect

With the 5.78 release, there are more reasons to start using Paragon Connect for your mobile searches and tablet search and collaboration tool. This video outlines the new enhancements to Paragon Connect and will give you a sneak peek at what is coming in future releases.

  • Review the ConnectView
  • Public Record Data – View public Record and MLS data all in the same report. You can zoom in and click on the parcel to view:
    • Owner Information
    • Mortgage History
    • Location Information
    • Building Characteristics
    • Tax Assessment
  • Interactive Parcels – You can zoom in on any visible property and click the parcel record to view public record information on that property.
  • Click here: https://members.nnrmls.com/paragon-product-page/ to learn more about Paragon Connect

Updates to Property Watch

  • When viewing your property watches in the grid, you now have the ability to select watched properties, we have added the check box to the give you the ability to select one, more or all your properties from your watch list and export the data. With the export, the agent will be able to sort, print or email the list. We have also added the Owner Name to the grid so that you can use that information in a mailing


  • “Details” were added as a column to the My Property Watch Alert Grid. You will not have to return to your original email to see the details of the alert.


Training Opportunities

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com