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So you’ve entered your latest listing and uploaded several great photos to show off your property to other agents…Then, you notice when you pull up your listing that several of the photos have been rotated. They were oriented correctly when you entered them, what is going on?

Glad you asked; it’s your camera! Modern digital cameras take a picture and create a tag saved with the picture that provides all sorts of information. (It’s called an EXIF tag.) This information is normally the cause of the problem. When you use your smart phone or digital camera and rotate it before taking a picture, the device tags the photo with an orientation indicator so it knows which way is up.

Why would it do this? The orientation indicator is used to display your images correctly on the computer…sometimes. With so many different cameras and programs to view pictures, this tag is sometimes read incorrectly and your photo rotates.

How can I fix it? The easiest way is to remove the EXIF tag. Here’s how:

  • Orient the photo correctly.
  • Right-click on the photo and choose edit. (This will open the photo in MS Paint)
  • Save the photo with a new name. (Do not delete your old photo)
  • Load the new photo into your listing.

This will fix most of the orientation errors but it will reduce the quality of the photo which is why you should save the original. The resolution in Paragon is not that great, so it should still look fine. There are numerous other ways to edit and remove EXIF data including Windows apps, photo editing software and third-party programs. Choose which best meets your needs.

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