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Our team is always looking for ways to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System.

Approximately every six weeks, the technology company that owns Paragon, Black Knight, releases a new version to the Paragon MLS software. The November 2021 update is called version 5.86. These enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily and to improve the overall Paragon MLS user experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest changes include mostly user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) updates for Paragon Desktop, Paragon Connect, and Collaboration Center. Paragon Desktop is the traditional version of the MLS software, while Paragon Connect is the mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop. Collab Center is the web-based, interactive, and custom-branded search portal that clients use to view searches from their agents and to create searches of their own. Collab Center is only available to clients who are invited by their agent. In addition, this month, Black Knight deployed an innovative pricing tool to the listing input module in the Desktop version.

How to Read This Guide:
Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect and finally Collab Center.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

Update to Agent-Facing Comments Window:
In the agent-facing comments window that appears in a client record within Paragon Desktop’s contact module, we changed the windowpane title from “Messages” to “Comments,” and changed the name of the call to action button from “Comment” to “Submit” to align with a more uniform and clean user interface. Agents would only be using this feature if they share comments with their clients via Paragon’s Collab Center.

Price Analysis Widget:
Black Knight is very excited to announce the release of the Price Analysis feature, which can be used by agents to help determine pricing by viewing the number of Potential Buyers and any available automated valuation models (AVMs). The feature is programmed into the Paragon Desktop listing input module and is nested in the menu bar of the listing input form for any current full, partial, or subject property listing.

The new price analysis tool can be found in Paragon Desktop’s listing input form and will be located in the listing input toolbar.

Clicking the Price Analysis button launches an interactive window that displays the number of Potential Buyers in Paragon. There is no mechanism for the buyers’ information to be displayed; this is simply an aggregate number anonymously sourced from matching buyers, who are set up for Paragon property searches by other agents.

Paragon’s automated valuation models, or AVMs, are also displayed for reference in the Pricing Analysis window.

In this window, agents can adjust the listing price and select “Recalculate Buyers” to have Paragon pull an adjusted set of potential buyers. Using this tool does not automatically change the listing price. Rather, it allows the agent to run hypothetical pricing scenarios leveraging Paragon’s database. However, agents can change the listing price from the Price Analysis window by clicking the “Use New Price” button.

Step 1. This image shows the Price Analysis widget with an example of a listing price and the number of potential buyers at that price.

Step 2. This image shows the Price Analysis widget with the Paragon automated valuation models or AVMs shown.

Step 3. This image shows the Price Analysis widget with an adjusted listing price and the changed number of potential buyers at that price.

Paragon Connect Updates | More Than Mobile
Paragon Connect is the mobile-friendly complement to the traditional Desktop version

Top Navigation Application Bar
Black Knight added a new navigation application bar to the top of the Paragon Connect screen. It is like the previous navigation bar with a few modifications. Black Knight moved the profile menu and home button into the left navigation area, also known as a “hamburger” or “three-line menu.” The redesigned navigation bar allows Paragon developers to begin building features that allow users to control navigation using their web browser; like the back and forward buttons. Black Knight believes this seemingly small enhancement will pay off in a large way since it will allow users to navigate Connect using their browser’s native buttons — giving a native-mobile-app feel. For now, it provides users with a cleaner user interface (UI).

Contact List and Search
Black Knight redesigned the contact list to support several new features. The previous version used about 25 percent of the top of the screen with headers, search bars, and action buttons. Developers and customers alike believed this took up too much screen space. As you can see in the examples below, the new version places the actions in the redesigned nav bar allowing users to physically view twice as many contacts as before.

To search for a contact, tap on the search tool (magnifying glass icon) in the nav bar, and a search field will appear. Users can start typing the name of any contact in their list. As they begin typing the application will begin to auto-fill with the closest matches from their contacts.

Before. Above notice, the first arrow shows that previously 25% of the screen was crowded with headers, search bars and action buttons. The second arrow illustrates that previously only four contacts could be viewed at once.


After. Above notice, the first arrow shows the new navigation app bar with the three-line menu, search and filter icons. The second arrow highlights that users can view double the amount of contacts than previously. The third arrow shows the floating add contacts button.


The arrow illustrates the opening of the search contacts field after tapping on the search icon (magnifying glass icon shown in the middle image).


Contact List – Filter Contacts
Black Knight updated the filter function to help users find contacts quickly. Rather than a full-screen window, shown in the all-purple image on the left below, the new design keeps the contact list screen open in the background when users click the filter tool (funnel icon) to reveal a set of sorting tools that raise up from the bottom of the contact list.

Before. Full-screen window blocked underlying contact list page.

After. The underlying contact page remains visible, and when the filter icon (funnel) is clicked a set of sorting tools slide up from the bottom of the screen.


Contact List – Add Contacts
Black Knight streamlined how to add contacts in Paragon Connect. Starting on the redesigned contact list, users will find a floating button with a plus sign. This is Paragon Connect’s new standard for adding new content. Tapping on this button launches the Add Contact form.

Step 1. Tapping on the floating add button launches the add contact form.

Step 2. Add a new contact form. The user interface is updated to be cleaner and easier to use. By default, the add form displays first and last name. Tapping the “MORE FIELDS” link expands the form to show “Prefix” and “Suffix.”

Contact List – Deleting Contacts
New to Paragon Connect is the ability to delete one or more contacts. From the contact list, tap on the photo to select the contact. Users can select multiple contacts by tapping multiple contact images. Once a contact is selected, the user will notice the top app bar changes to show the actions they can perform. Users can tap the X to cancel their selection, or tap on the overflow (three-dot icon) and choose “delete” to remove the contacts.

Tapping the photo or initials will select the contact.

Click the overflow option to delete the selected contacts.

Notice that users can select more than one contact from the list to delete multiple contacts at once.

Contact List – Contact Viewer
The contact viewer is the page that displays after tapping on a contact from the main contact list page. Black Knight updated and enhanced the contact viewer page to support several future contact features. If the agent uses Collab Center with the client then the Favorite, Possible, and Rejected counts show near the top of the contact record. Action icons like email and phone are found at the top of the screen in the navbar. Clicking on Buyer or Seller reveals the buy side or sell side activity for that client if they are enabled for Collab Center.

If the contact is set up with Collab Center the Favorites, Possible, and Rejected counts will appear near the top of the contact page under the photo or initials.

Action icons like email, phone, and more are found in the top navbar. As you swipe down the page the large photo transitions to a smaller header. New options like “Active,” “Hide from mailing labels” and “Reverse prospecting,” are now available in this view.


Clicking Buyer from the Contact Viewer will show you Collab Center buy-side activity.

Clicking Seller from the Contact Viewer will show you Collab Center sell-side activity.

Contact Viewer – Phone Updates
Black Knight updated the phone and text functions in the contact viewer. The developers knew that it is not uncommon for a contact to have a cell, work, or even a landline phone number so they enabled Paragon Connect to display multiple phone numbers per contact. Whether you are using a laptop or a phone clicking the phone icon will reveal all of the phone numbers for the contact. Users can tap any of the numbers to place a call. If you are using a mobile device, Paragon Connect will display a choice for you to call or text (SMS). Clicking the SMS icon will launch your phone’s texting app, seamlessly switching you from Connect to your text messages. Note: Black Knight is unable to determine which phone number is mobile so all phone numbers will have the SMS option displayed.

Clicking the phone icon in the top navigation bar allows you to call or text your client. A contact can have multiple phone numbers associated with their record.


This close-up of client phone numbers highlights the SMS-Texting button.


Contact Viewer – Compose Email and Email Address Selection
Black Knight updated how users select and compose an email in Paragon Connect. Contacts can sometimes have more than one email address, that’s the developers built the new contact viewer to show users all email addresses for their contact before they compose the message. Black Knight also updated the email module with a new layout applied to make composing emails easier. As shown below the email icon, (envelope) in the top navbar reveals the contact’s email addresses.

The email icon (envelope) in the top navigation bar reveals your contact’s email addresses. This update allows you to select more than one email address.


It is possible to add more than one email address and to add a BCC email address. This screen’s update includes lighter colors and an improved user interface (UI).

Contact Viewer – Compose Email Using Auto Complete from Address Book
New to Paragon Connect is the auto complete address book feature. As an agent begins to type an email address or a contact, the system will return a list of possible matches based on the email addresses found in their Paragon MLS address book. This will allow users to quickly find and compose an email. Note: This new email module is only found in the contact viewer but will be added to other areas of the system in the future.

Notice in this screenshot of Paragon Connect that as the user starts typing a contact name or email address it triggers the auto complete feature.

Show Password
Logging into systems that require a password may not be fun, especially when password requirements are very strict and require random capitalization, numbers, and special characters. To help make the login process easier, Black Knight developed a show-password option. Users can now tap on the eyeball icon to reveal the text of the password while they type.

Edit Profile Image
Black Knight moved the profile menu from the top navigation app bar into the left navigation (three-line menu). The profile image in previous versions of Paragon Connect allowed users to upload or snap a new profile image. This feature will be added back in a future release. Users can still perform this action by clicking on the agent profile image on the dashboard or homepage of Connect.

The agent photo in the left navigation is for display purposes only.

Users can update their agent profile image by clicking on the agent photo on the Paragon Connect Dashboard, aka the homepage.


Theme Colors
Black Knight removed the optional theme colors from Paragon Connect while they build out the new navigation app bar and other exciting elements. In the future, the developers will revisit reimplementing theme options.

Collaboration Center Updates
Collaboration Center is the branded web portal where you can invite your clients to interact with their listing searches

Collab Center- Property Search Moved to Main Tab
To help your clients discover and use the Collab Center property search Black Knight added a new search tab on the dashboard. This is the same search experience found elsewhere in the Collab Center web portal. Note: It is only found on larger resolution devices such as laptops and tablets.

The Property Search tab on the Collab Center dashboard is highlighted with the arrow above.

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about the update by emailing support@nnrmls.com.

Training Opportunities
Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities. Visit Paragon’s on-demand webinar page here.

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Request your own custom learning session.

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