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Paragon Scheduled Enhancements

Our team is always looking for ways to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. Approximately every six weeks the technology company that owns Paragon, Black Knight, releases a new version to the Paragon MLS software. The September 2021 update is called the 5.85 version. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest Paragon changes update features of Paragon Desktop, Paragon Connect, the mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop version, and feature enhancements to Collaboration Center, the branded web portal that you can send to your clients so they can view the searches you create and save new ones of their own. Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect and finally Collab Center.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

Update to Financial Calculators:
Paragon includes a variety of financial calculators. Here’s what changed:
1. Updated fonts to match Paragon fonts for consistency
2. Disabled the email feature – this function was enabled in error during a previous update. The calculators require an active Paragon account to view the calculator and as a result, emailing them to clients was not an option.
3. Collapsed the graphs by default – this helps reduce scrolling
4. Removed the Definitions from the bottom of the calculator. The text is located under the info tip question marks. Repeating them at the bottom was unnecessary and caused more scrolling.




CMA Cover Page – Label for Unit#:
When a Unit number is used as part of the listing address, previously it didn’t display the label for “Unit#” on the CMA Cover Page. With this enhancement, the label “Unit#” now shows in the description of the Subject Property the CMA Cover Page.

The image on the left shows the unit# without a label and the image on the right shows the label “Unit#” along with the actual unit number.

Paragon Connect Updates | More than Mobile
Paragon Connect is the mobile-friendly complement to the traditional Desktop version


Auto-Detect Login
Paragon and Paragon Connect both have their own login page, however, if you attempt to access Paragon from a mobile device, the auto-detect page will appear. Prior to this release, the system would show you two options, do you want to access Paragon MLS or Paragon Connect? Rather than making these seem like two equal options, a new auto-detect page was built to try to navigate mobile users towards Paragon Connect. You can still access your Paragon system by clicking the “Go to Paragon Desktop” link below the primary button. To provide your mobile members the best possible experience we are highlighting the Paragon Connect login.
















Photo Reorder
Now you can do even more with your photos in Paragon Connect. The photo module will now allow you to reorder your photos. Simply click on the reorder button and drag the photos into the desired order. Once complete, click on the green ok button and your changes will be saved.

Pro Tip: Note that the reorder button will NOT display if you have only one photo for your listing. You can also change which photo is the primary by dragging a photo into the primary slot.

To reorder: Tap on the reorder button to put the system in reorder mode

Drag and Drop Select the photo you want to move and drag and drop it into place. Save Changes The letters on the photos that indicate their order will auto-update after you click the green check circle to save your changes.


Collaboration Center Updates
Collaboration Center is the branded web portal where you can invite your clients to interact with their listing searches

Collaboration Center- Property Search Changes

Layers Control
A new layer icon was added to the bottom right navigation controls. This new icon replaces the “Menu Options” button that was previously located on the map. This allows your clients to quickly enable any layer on the map. In addition, the parcel label is enabled by default. This will allow your clients to see parcel lines around properties when zoomed in on the map.

The new layers button is shown here.

Once the layers button is clicked the menu shown above will pop up. Parcels will be activated by default. Collab Center users can then activate or deactivate any available layers. More than one layer can be activated at once.

A new reset button has been added to the Collaboration Center search bar. This reset option will allow a user to clear the property search and start fresh. This is a great feature for those users who begin a search but want to start over again before saving.

Price Range
Prior to this release, the Collaboration Center search defaulted to a price range of $350K – $750K. In some housing markets, that range wouldn’t produce any results. With this release, the property search will no longer default to a range. It should return all prices based on the map viewing area.
We also removed the price slider. In working with our users we found that the slider was difficult to move in increments that made it easy to set a minimum and maximum price, and it also maxed out at $3.4 million. Now the price contains a minimum and maximum input field that the client can use to input their own price ranges. The top label has also been renamed “Price.”

Status Display and Default Status
The pop-up window that allows clients to select their desired statuses will be updated with this release. The previous status pop-up window required the client to type the names of the statuses. Now the statuses are all visible on the pop-up window and they can easily check or uncheck the statuses they desire. Also previous to this release only the “active” status was selected when a client opened a search. With this release, all active sub-statuses will be selected and the client need only unselect a status to not include it in a search. Pro Tip: Agents can use Collab Center Preferences in Paragon Desktop to limit the statuses that clients are able to search.




Hover Removed
While Hovering over a listing map pin, the Collab Center showed a hover control above the pin. This was duplicate information and has been removed with this release.

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com

Training Opportunities
Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities. Visit Paragon’s on-demand webinar page by clicking here.

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Click here to request your own custom class!

Find all MLS Training options here.

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