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Paragon Scheduled Enhancements

Our team is always looking for ways to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. Approximately every six weeks the technology company that owns Paragon, Black Knight, releases a new version to the Paragon MLS software. The July 2021 update is called the 5.84 version. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest Paragon changes mostly update Paragon Connect, the new mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop version, with enhancements to searching. The new report called ConnectView in Paragon Desktop got a minor cosmetic update and in addition, and we highlight a small client-facing UI change in Collaboration Center, that will make it easier for your contacts to access the Collab Center site from their phones. Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect and finally Collab Center.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

Clean up of unnecessary white space in ConnectView:
To utilize all the screen space, we removed some of the unnecessary white space that was at the top of ConnectView. ConnectView is the new mobile-friendly detail report that you can email to your clients.

Paragon Connect Updates | More than Mobile
Paragon Connect is a new mobile-friendly complement to the traditional Desktop version

Map Layers
You are now able to access your favorite default mapping layers from any device! The default layers that are available in Paragon Desktop are now available in Paragon Connect! Switch to the silver map type and be able to better visualize the map layers like flood plain, traffic areas, and more.

Multi-Class Search
Now you can use Paragon Connect to run a Multi-Class search! This search syncs with Paragon Desktop and provides you the opportunity to search across all classes in one search.

Collaboration Center Updates
Collaboration Center- Shortcut App Icon

Collaboration Center, the consumer-facing and branded web portal that brokers and agents can share now allows your Clients to save a Collab-branded icon to their phone’s home screen so that they can easily get back to the Collab Center.

Training Opportunities

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com

Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Click here to request your own custom class!

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