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Paragon Scheduled Enhancements

NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. This update is called the 5.83 version. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest Paragon updates include minor workflow changes to Paragon Desktop, the traditional Paragon MLS system. In Paragon Connect, the new mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop version, updates include the ability to edit a listing photo from your phone, a new texting button for easily contacting listing agents and easy access to your most recent searches! In addition, we highlight a small UI change in Collaboration Center, the client-facing portal where brokers and agents can share listings with their customers. Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect and finally Collab Center.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

Preferences Wizard Updates:
To clarify the workflow in the Preferences Wizard, the Required ‘R’ icon has been added to the Name field, and the Default checkbox is selected on both the Message Body and Email Signature pages. This ensures that any changes made to these pages will be saved. The default can be changed through Preferences when additional Message Bodies or Email Signatures are created.

This image shows the “Default Signature” checkbox automatically checked within the Preferences Wizard so that users will not have to set their preferred email signature every time they send an email.

Tour and Open House Label Updates:
We renamed the label in the Tour and Open House reports tree from “Default T/OH” to “Default Tour/Open House.”

This image shows the new label for the Tour and Open House Thumbnail report.

Paragon Connect Updates | More than Mobile
Paragon Connect is a new mobile-friendly complement to the traditional Desktop version

Accessing your last five searches
With Paragon Connect you can now access your last five searches. This is synced with Paragon Desktop so the five searches you see are the same in both systems.
Clicking a folder icon at the bottom of the screen, (folder icon not shown below), now opens a drawer, (shown below), that displays options including the last five searches you conducted in Paragon Connect and/or Desktop. Click a search to see the results.
This drawer menu can also be used to load any saved search or load your default search.

This image shows how a Paragon Connect user can access their last five searches whether they searched in Paragon Desktop or Connect.

Texting Button Added to Listing Report
The Paragon Connect detail report now includes a Text button to make it easier to contact the listing agent directly from the detail report.

To set the phone number for the above-mentioned text button agents should enter the number in the mobile preferences in Paragon Desktop. The texting feature will use the phone number supplied in the mobile preference setting in Paragon Desktop.

This image shows the Text button that now appears in the Listing Agent section of a Paragon Connect listing detail report.

Notice the mobile number in Paragon Classic Mobile Account Settings is different from the display number in the image above. That is because there is a separate setting in Paragon Desktop for the display number. See the second image below for the location of that setting.

The image above shows the listing agent where they can add their mobile phone number in Paragon Desktop so the Text button on their listing in Connect has the correct number.

This image shows where listing agents can set their Display phone number in Paragon Connect and Desktop. The Display number displays on listing detail reports in Paragon Connect and Desktop and can be the same or different from the number set for the Text button in Connect.

Pencil Icon added to Paragon Connect for Listing Photo Upload
In Paragon Connect listing agents can now add or edit a listing photo by accessing the listing in a detail report and then clicking the new pencil icon.
In an upcoming Paragon Connect release, brokers and agents will be able to edit all details of their listings! Watch for the Full Listing Edit announcement in your email and social media.

Listing agents can use the pencil icon to add or edit photos from Paragon Connect!

Select Multiple Listings to Add Comps to a CMA and Listings to a Buyer Tour
It is now easier than ever to add multiple listings to a CMA or a Buyer Tour! Brokers and agents can now select multiple listings in Paragon Connect and then click the three dots in the upper right in order to see options for adding listings to a Cloud CMA or ShowingTime report!

This image shows how a user can select multiple listings, select the three dots in the upper right and then add the selected listings to Cloud CMA or other reports.

Collaboration Center Updates
Collaboration Center- Change Search radius to an Input Field and Change Default to 1 mile/km

Collaboration Center, the consumer-facing and branded web portal that brokers and agents can share now allows the client to search by radius more easily. The old slider was switched for an input field for easy entry. Half miles can be input as “.5,” quarter miles can be input as “.25” and so on. Paragon also changed the default distance from five miles to one mile, shown below. Clients can input distances of up to 50 miles/80 km.

This image shows the free-form text field that clients can use to enter up to a 50-mile radius for any address. The default radius is one mile.

Training Opportunities

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com

Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Click here to request your own custom class!

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