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Paragon Scheduled Enhancements

NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. This update is called the 5.82 version. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest Paragon updates include changes to Paragon Desktop, the traditional Paragon MLS system, and Paragon Connect, the new mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop version. Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect, followed by updates to Paragon’s client portal, Collaboration Center.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

HIGHLIGHT: The Paragon Session Timer was increased from one to two hours! Read about that change here
Updates to Searching

      • Hotsheet and Tour/Open House Reports:

Changing your report preferences for Hotsheet and Tour/Open House just got easier! You can now change your default result options for Hotsheet and Tour/Open House right from the available reports drop-down. The images below illustrate the steps to quickly switch between the different Hotsheet reports.

Step 1: Click Reports and click the gear icon.


Step 2: Select desired report and click Save. Then click the report again under the Reports button

Listing Input Updates

          • Updated Button Styles for Photo Upload:
            When uploading photos to a listing in Paragon the buttons in the “Upload” pop-up windows have been updated with a lighter-weight style that matches other buttons throughout Paragon.

This image shows the updated button styles for Paragon Listing Input.

          • Add Purge Date to Partial Listings Display:
            To assist you in tracking when your partial listings will be purged from the system, a new column has been added called “Purge Date.” It will calculate and display the date partial listings will be purged from the system.
            NOTE: The “Purge Date” only applies to Partial Listings. It DOES NOT apply to listings that are Active, Under Contract or Sold on the MLS.
            Pro Tip: Partial Listings are purged from the Paragon system after 90 days, and only if they have not been converted to a full listing.

This image shows the Extended and Notifications columns grouped to the right-end of the Expirations spreadsheet

Contact Management Updates

          • Expiring Notifications – Minor UI Adjustments:
            Based on user feedback, we made a few changes to the new Expiring Notifications pop-up window. The columns were rearranged to put the two action columns; “Extended” and “Notifications (on/off)” at the end of the row.

This image shows the Extended and Notifications columns grouped to the right-end of the Expirations spreadsheet

PARAGON CONNECT Updates | More than Mobile

Paragon Connect is your mobile solution, there are so many new and fun upgrades happening in each release.

Paragon Connect – Agent Listing Cart

          • Black Knight is excited to present Paragon Connect Agent Listing Carts! With listing cart capabilities, you will be able to collect and store listings from anywhere in the system. Whether you are running a property search, power search or open house search you will find the ability to save and store listings in a listing cart. Having the ability to create and manage a collection of listings is extremely important. Below is a summary of how to quickly add a listing to a cart.
            HOW IT WORKS:
            1: Check one or more listings; 2: Click the overflow menu; 3: Click “Add to Cart”; 4: Choose an existing cart; 5: If no cart is created or you want to create a new cart, click the “+” icon.

This image illustrates the workflow described above to save properties to a Listing Cart in Paragon Connect

Paragon Connect – Access Agent Listing Carts

          • You can quickly view your listing carts by navigating to the “My Content” section of the left navigation menu. There you will find a new option called “Listing Carts.” You can instantly view the listings in the cart, rename the cart, or even delete the cart. You can even remove individual listings you no longer wish to include in the cart.
            HOW IT WORKS:
            1: Navigate to the left navigation (hamburger menu); 2: Click or tap “My Content”; 3: Click or tap “Listing Carts”; 4: Click on any listing cart to view the listings in that cart; 5: You can even rename or delete the cart
            PRO TIP: All Listing Carts are synced in REAL-TIME between Paragon Connect and Paragon Desktop, so no matter which platform you’re working in, your Listing Carts will be immediately available!

Paragon Connect — Mortgage Calculator Terms:
Adjustments were made to the Mortgage Calculator in Paragon Connect to allow you to enter any term you would like. Previously you could only choose a term of either 15 or 30 years. The default will be set at 30 years.

Paragon Connect – Copy Links

          • A new share feature has been added to the application. While viewing a single listing or multiple listings, clicking on the share icon will now reveal a new “Copy Link” option. This allows you to copy a direct link for the listing that will display to the consumer in our “CollabLink” view. CollabLink is an online public report of the selected listing or listings. The same option exists today inside the Paragon Desktop system.

This image shows the Copy Link feature in Paragon Connect. To find “Copy Link” click the share icon at the top of the page and the tool tray will expand at the bottom displaying the Copy Link tool.

Collaboration Center Client-Facing Updates

          • Radius in the Collaboration Center:
            Radius searching in the Collaboration Center just got easier for your clients. Users can simply enter an address, click Submit and your radius is ready to go! We have also updated the ‘help’ verbiage to assist you while searching.

This image illustrates how easy it is for your client to determine the radius around a desired listing.

          • Compare Two Listings in the Collaboration Center:
            The Compare-Two-Listings workflow is a feature that allows your client to compare listings side-by-side while in the Collaboration Center.
            To improve this workflow, we have added a compare icon next to the folder icon on the listings preview page. This will appear on each listing. To compare two listings, start by clicking this new icon next to the first listing you want to compare. The icon will turn orange and you will see a count of 1. Click the compare icon on a second listing to launch the compare screen. After you are finished comparing the two listings, click close to end the compare feature and remove your selections.

This image shows the new Compare button with two listings selected on a listing in Collab Center


This image shows the side-by-side listing comparison feature in Collab Center.

Training Opportunities

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com

Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Click here to request your own custom class!

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