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Paragon Scheduled Enhancements
NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. This update is called the 5.81 version. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description of the enhancements and new features.  

The latest Paragon updates include changes to Paragon Desktop, the traditional Paragon MLS system, and Paragon Connect, the new mobile-friendly compliment to the Desktop version. Paragon Desktop updates are listed first, followed by enhancements to Connect.

PARAGON Desktop Updates

Updates to Searching

Enhanced Access to Paragon Tools with “Action” button:

We enhanced the way users access Integrations, which are programs linked to Paragon, and other Paragon Actions. This new functionality can be used from the spreadsheet and the listing detail reports. The Action Icons column of the spreadsheet has been modified to display a plug-shaped “Actions” icon to provide more space for data. The Actions icon resembles the one pictured in the image below.

  • In addition to the column in the spreadsheet, we added the new “Actions” button to the menu bar. The image below shows this new button, which looks like an electrical plug:

  • This “Actions” button does a couple of things. One, from the spreadsheet it provides access to actions that users can take when multiple records are selected. The Actions popup includes logic to display the available options based on whether one or some records are selected.

  • Two, it makes Integrations; programs like TransactionDesk and Cloud CMA, and Paragon Tools, like Maps and History, available from ConnectView, and any other listing report. Clicking on the button will display all the available options for the listing in view.

  • This effectively removes the need to have the icons embedded into custom reports. Before this release, if the icon was not present on a listing report, users would have to return to the spreadsheet or pull up the All Fields Detail or another report containing icons in order to access the action.
  • New “More” Button
    In addition to adding the new “Actions” button, the previous Actions menu was succinctly renamed “More” since it includes the overflow of menu options that do not fit in the toolbar.

  • You will also notice in the “More” button menu that the integrations such as Cloud CMA, TransactionDesk and CRS Data are no longer present. Those tools now reside under the new “Actions” button as detailed previously.

In summary, the following are the benefits and features of the new “Actions” and “More” buttons:

  1. Access to integrations from the new ConnectView listing report, or any other listing report
  2. All integrations and Paragon Tools accessible from the central location
  3. More space for listing data on spreadsheet due to narrower column for Actions in spreadsheets
  4. Actions button in the toolbar is context-sensitive e.g.; displays single-option integrations when only one listing is selected or multi-option integrations when multiple are selected. Think of making a flyer in Cloud CMA as a single-option integration and making a CMA in Cloud CMA as a multi-option integration
  5. Access to integrations from any detail view even if Action icons are not on the report
  6. No need to hover over an icon to “discover” what it is – the label is displayed with the icon in the Actions popup
  7. Action icons no longer needed in custom reports
  8. The new “More” button is more intuitive as a ‘catch-all’ for miscellaneous functions
  • Modified Date Added to Saved Searches:
    To assist you when managing saved searches, a Modified-Date column has been added to the list of Saved Property Searches. Users can sort the Modified date by clicking on the column header.

Simplified Associated Documents

Previously the option to allow bulk download of Associated Documents was displaying even when no valid documents were available. To avoid confusion, the Download Documents option will be hidden when documents are not enabled on the site. When documents are enabled, the Download Documents option is available but disabled unless the user is on the Associated Documents report. The image below shows that when a listing has documented the Download Documents shows:

Simplified Associated Docs

The image below shows Download Documents enabled from the Associated Docs report:

Updates to Prospecting

  • Expiring Notifications: To simplify and improve your experience managing your automatic notifications to clients, the expiring notifications window has been enhanced to include the Contact Name, the Last Accessed and Last Notified Dates. Also included is the ability to enable, disable or extend the notifications for another year with a single click!

    • Reminder to Approve Listings for Agent Preview:If you are using the “Agent-Preview-before-sending-to-your-client feature in Collab Center, we have added a reminder warning message. It will display when the Collab Center Welcome Email is sent initially or resent via Resend Invitation. The warning remains on the screen until the user closes it.Small Fixes mean a lot! Following is a list of minor enhancements to Paragon MLS made with the goal in mind to make your life simpler. 
      • My Links Spring Cleaning: The NNRMLS team cleaned up out-of-date and least used items in the My Links section of Paragon Resources. Click here to learn how to create your own links!
      • The voice option on the Power Search is currently only valid for the Chrome browser, to avoid confusion, the voice search icon will only display if on this browser.
      • We have standardized references to the CMA Preference Wizard across the CMA module to clarify that you are in the same wizard.
      • When uploading photos in Paragon Desktop we have simplified the instructions while retaining all the same functionalities.
      • When searching and selecting from available reports it will now show you which report you have selected as your default report for Detail and Search results.
      • In Paragon Preferences we have reorganized so that related options are now grouped together, this is a more user-friendly layout.
      • In Paragon, we have removed the logoff button that was in the Listing Maintenance toolbar.
      • When maintaining a listing we have added a new “Add” button so that you can easily have access to add a new listing of any class

      PARAGON CONNECT Updates | More than Mobile:

      Paragon Connect is your mobile solution, there are so many new and fun upgrades happening in each release.

      Profile Image Updates

    • Add or edit your Agent Profile Image — It’s time to take a selfie!Does your agent photo need an update?  Now you can snap a picture with your phone or upload a new agent profile image from your device’s photo library. Your image is synced with Paragon Desktop and since the two systems share the same database there is no need to update again; update your photo in one system and the other will be updated instantly. Connect also has a crop tool so you can make sure your photo fits the circular profile layout perfectly.HOW IT WORKS:
      FIRST: Find or Take a Photo:After you tap on the existing profile picture or your initials in the upper-right corner of the screen you will see the pencil icon; tap on the pencil and you will be presented with three options:Photo Library: This will allow you to choose a photo from your phone’s photo library.Take Photo:  Use your camera on your phone to snap a selfie of yourself.Browse:  If you have storage options or storage apps on your phone you can locate your profile image with these applications.

  • SECOND: UPLOAD AND CROP: If you do plan to snap your own photo, you will be able to use the built-in crop tool to make sure your image fits perfectly within the circle frame.  Just snap your photo and you will be taken to a crop screen. You can move the crop area and increase or decrease the crop square.  When done click “Save Image” and your profile image will be replaced in Paragon Connect.  This will also automatically update your profile image in Paragon Desktop.

Search Update — Save a Search from Results:
Now from the search result screen, you can save a search and set up a Collaboration Center site. Prior to this enhancement, you were required to go back to the search screen and then save the search. This provides agents with a faster way to save a search.
How it Works:
First: Conduct a Search, and when you are viewing the results click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner, this will reveal the Save Search option at the bottom of the screen:

Now you can name the search and simply save it, or you can go one step further and add a client to the search and add their search to Collab Center.

When you’ve saved the search and sent the Collab Center notification successfully you will see a confirmation message like the one below:

Collaboration Center Client-Facing Updates — Collab Center Texting

Paragon has added Text functionality for your clients to share listings with family and friends while they use your Collab Center!

How it Works:
First: When viewing a listing-detail report the client will tap on the options icon that looks like a right-pointing arrow.

A new window will open and your client will see the new texting called “Text Message.”

When the client taps “Text Message” it will open their phone’s texting app on their mobile device. The text will contain an auto-generated link to the client version of the listing report. The client would then choose who to send the link to, whether it be family, friends or their agent!

Training Opportunities

We hope you love these new Paragon MLS features! Let us know what you think or ask us a question about it by emailing support@nnrmls.com

Visit Paragon’s education calendar for a list of current training opportunities

NNRMLS also offers training on all of the subject matter above! Click here to request your own custom class!

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