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NNRMLS is pleased to help you stay updated on the latest enhancements to your Paragon MLS System. All enhancements are designed to help you navigate the system more easily to improve your Paragon MLS experience. Below we have provided a detailed description for the enhancements and new features. Check out this highlight video that walks you through the updates!

Paragon Desktop Updates:

  • Unique Cover Letters Per Presentation in CMA
    Adding a cover letter to a presentation creates and saves a custom copy of the cover letter to that presentation. You can change the cover letter, and it will only affect that presentation, rather than all instances of the cover letter throughout the CMA module. To create the unique cover letter on a CMA, open the Cover Letter in the Presentation Setup section for that CMA, then Save the new cover page.


  • Agent Preview in Contacts
    The interface for approving and disapproving listings for Agent Preview searches has been modernized and clarified. Multiple listings can still be approved or disapproved as a group from the spreadsheet view. On the listing-detail view, each listing can be approved or disapproved individually.

Approve Disapprove

  • Advanced Date Range Operators Search and Prospecting
    To improve performance, Advanced Date Range Operators, (7 days back, 6 months back, etc.), will no longer work when used in a search that is saved for prospecting and a warning message will alert the user that the field is invalid. These advanced date operators in a search saved to a contact caused degraded performance issues in Paragon.

Date Range

             Criteria Conflict

  • Listing Slide Show
    The Paragon Listing Slideshow can now be emailed directly to your contacts! Previously, the only option was to email the link to yourself, or you could copy and paste the URL from the preview and then email it.  Paragon has also updated the user interface so that it is easier to use. After selecting the listings that you want to use in a slide show, click on the Action menu and select Listing Slideshow.  See the new interface below:

Slide Show

  • Listing Expiration Notices in Sent Message Log

Listing expiration notices have been added to the Sent Messages log to help users track them. Paragon also updated the subject line by adding the listing address where available. Listing expiration notices will be purged from this log after 90 days just like other email records.

Expiration Notices

  • Office Broker and Main Office Added to Membership Roster

On the Membership Roster, Paragon added a link to the Office Broker’s information card and the Main Office information card. When the links are clicked the detail cards are displayed.


  • Added Notification Indicators in the Contacts Tree for Saved Searches

If a saved search has been linked to a Contact, it appears under the Contact details. Each linked saved search may be enabled or disabled for prospecting. New icons now appear next to search to indicate the type of notification setting. These three icons indicate:

Contact Icons

  • View in Homesnap added to Paragon Desktop!

Now you can easily view any listing you see in Paragon Desktop in Homesnap Pro! Simply open any of the “MLS All Fields” listing-detail reports and click the “View in Homesnap.com” Action Icon, which resembles the iconic white and blue Homesnap logo. A Homesnap.com webpage will open with the listing displayed!

The image below shows the Homesnap Action Icon in Paragon:

The image below shows the same listing the agent viewed in Paragon Desktop displayed in Homesnap.com:


Please note this feature integrates with Homesnap.com, which is the website version of the popular Homesnap Pro app. It has the same information as the app.

PARAGON CONNECT – More than Mobile

  • Tour & Open House and Detail Report

The detail report found in Paragon Connect and the ConnectView in Paragon Classic will now have a new container dedicated to tour and open house information.

You can click on each event to view the details or view a live-stream link, and you can even add it to your default native calendar for reminders. Paragon also recently updated each event with an icon.  This will allow you to identify it as a live-stream or in-person event.

  • Detail Report Cleanup

The Paragon Connect detail report and the ConnectView in Paragon Classic has been updated to match the user interface and user experience of the mobile detail report. Now the report will look and function the same regardless of the device that you are on.  Users will now be able to access third party integrations, and other system related options.

  • View in Homesnap added to Paragon Connect!

Now you can easily view any listing you see in Paragon Connect in Homesnap Pro! Simply open a listing in a detail report and click the three-dot menu at the top of the page. An “Integrations” menu will appear at the bottom of your screen. Now click “View in Homesnap.com” to see the listing in Homesnap Pro!

The image below shows a listing in Paragon Connect with the “View in Homesnap.com” link displayed in a list of third-party integrations:

System Options

The image below shows the same listing that the agent viewed in Paragon Connect displayed in Homesnap.com:

Shown in Homesnap

Please note this feature integrates with Homesnap.com, which is the mobile website version of the popular app. It has the same information as the app.

We hope that you find these new Paragon features easy to use and that they help make your job easier! If you have questions about any of these features or would like training on any of them please visit our Virtual Tech Bar.