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Effective Tuesday, March 3, bounce-back messaging will be enabled in Paragon! This highly anticipated change will inform you when an Email was not received by the intended recipient. This is a good thing! Starting Tuesday, you’ll be notified if your client does not receive your Paragon Email messages.

What does this mean?

  • When Paragon is alerted that your email will not reach your intended recipient, you will receive a message indicating that your email was not received. These notifications, called “NDRs”, will include the reason for the bounce, if available.

Is this only for Client Connect?

  • Any Paragon-generated email could trigger an NDR.

What do I do if I get one?

  • Review the reason for the bounce: the most common reason is an error in the email address. If you receive an NDR, the most prudent first step is to verify the email address is correct.

Wait, I already get messages like this?

  • The notifications you receive today are related to “opt outs” (CAN-SPAM). Email addresses can be opted out by request of the recipient or by the system if the attempted Email address was identified as invalid. CAN-SPAM notifications will continue as they do today.

A full FAQ along with an example of a typical NDR message is available on the Paragon Connect Site: Click for NDR FAQ Page!

If you have any questions, the NNRMLS Tech Support Team is ready to help.  They can be reached by phone at 775-823-8838 or email at support@nnrmls.com.