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NNRMLS Members can now edit their polygon shapes in Paragon’s map search system.

This enhancement was part of the software deployment released to the NNRMLS’ Paragon 5 system on Oct. 16 & Oct. 17, 2012, and allows for Polygon shapes in map searches to be edited and/or moved after the shape has been completed.

Edit the polygon:

To edit the shape, select the shape name in the Shape Summary box (as illustrated below). The shape will turn yellow, click one point to drag and drop to a new location. The shape will refresh and additional points can be edited if desired.Map_edit.JPG

Moving the polygon shape:
The entire shape can also be moved to a new location on the map.

Here’s how:

Left click the center of the shape and hold to drag the shape to a new location. Release the mouse button to place the shape.


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