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Late Wednesday afternoon the Paragon development team identified and resolved the auto-notification issues that occurred due to a November 12 software release. Auto-Notifications through both auto-email and Client Connect have been fixed!  We appreciate your patience while Paragon worked through this issue. We hope that you are able to reassure your clients that they can expect reliable information with predictable results from communication sent via the systems we, the NNRMLS, have in place for you. Please feel free to use the letter from makers of Paragon, LPS MLS Solutions that we’ve posted below in helping you to explain this issue to your clients. Keep in mind; not all contacts were affected but this was a system-wide issue.

We would like to give you a short timeline of what has occurred. This timeline is for context only, please keep in mind that this issue is fixed. Please contact the NNRMLS team with concerns via email at support@nnrmls.com or phone 775-823-8838.

1. November 12 and 13: LPS MLS Solutions performed a downtime software corrections to Paragon 5.
2. November 13 – early morning: Notifications sent to some inactive contacts, notifications to active or inactive contacts might have included listings outside of identified saved search criteria, the Client Hit Count might have been distorted temporarily.
3. November 13 – morning: The first fix: All auto-notifications were temporarily disabled, but manual emails could still be sent. During this time LPS was working on correcting the issue and reinstating notification functionality.
4. November 13 – late afternoon: NNRMLS received this announcement from LPS MLS Solutions Senior Technical Supervisor: “I’ve been informed that the uptime deployment and cleanup script have been run successfully and the notification processes have been reinstated.  We will monitor the notification processes as they run this evening.  If any user reports are surfaced please forward them to us for review.”

We regret this situation occurred, but we commend LPS for swiftly taking responsible steps to minimize the harm and repair the break. Also, we thank our members for your patience and understanding.

Below you’ll see the email that NNRMLS CEO Shelley Specchio sent to our Membership on 11/13/2013 regarding this issue before it was fixed. This is followed by a letter crafted by LPS that you are welcome to use to explain the issue to your client.


Dear Member:

As reported this morning on your Launchpad Login and Paragon Homepage, random listing emails were sent from the Paragon system to your contacts with saved searches in both auto-email and Client Connect. Below is a letter from LPS, the makers of Paragon, to you – our members. We hope you will be able to share this information with your clients should they contact you with questions about these inadvertent emails.

What happened?

  • Emails have been sent to inactive contacts
  • Notifications have included listings outside of identified saved search criteria
  • The above issues will cause Client hit count to be distorted temporarily, until this is resolved

What is the current situation?

  • Auto-notification has been temporarily disabled
  • Manual Emails can be sent, however no automated emails will be generated until the issue has been corrected
  • LPS is working on this with the highest level of urgency, having deployed all resources to correcting this issue and reinstating notifications

What do you need to do?

There is no action required from you at this time. However, please read the message below from LPS/Paragon and feel free to share it with you clients to explain why they received erroneous email from you.

We will keep you posted; watch your Launchpad login screen and Paragon Homepage for updates.

Sincerely yours,
Shelley Specchio
CEO, Northern Nevada Regional MLS

And now, the letter crafted by LPS that you are welcome to use to explain the issue to your client:

Paragon logo


As you are aware, Paragon was down briefly last night (11-12-13) as part of our regular release schedule to provide product fixes and enhancements. Unfortunately, we introduced a critical issue with auto notifications following that release.  As a result, some of your contacts may have received additional listings in their notifications that do not match their saved search criteria.  Additionally, some of your contacts listed as “inactive”, but which still have an active listing cart attached, may have received auto-notifications last night.

Please know that these additional emails were not the result of any action you took in Paragon and there is no action required of you at this time.  All notifications have been temporarily suspended while LPS is working diligently to solve the underlying problem and, we are adding the message below to all previous notification links affected by this issue.  Please also note that your Client Hit Count volume will be skewed until the issue is resolved.

Posted message:

Oops! We’re unable to find the listing(s) via the link you received for one of the following reasons:
1.       The link has expired.
2.       The listing that you’re looking for is no longer available.
3.       The system may have sent you a link in error.
Please accept our apologies and disregard this email.

Thank you for your patience while we correct this issue and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We will communicate resolution just as soon as functionality has been restored.

LPS Support