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Good News! On Tuesday night, March 7, Paragon 5.57 was released and one of the benefits to you is a new mobile-friendly report!  There is no change required by the agent to send this new report; it is all automatic and accessible from any mobile device.

If the system detects a mobile device accessing an emailed report, it will present the new, updated report. If your client uses a desktop computer to view the report, they will get the report that was selected when the notification email was sent. The design of the new report is the same as the new Collaboration Center (Client Connect 2.0+), and similar to other real estate software reports available to clients. It is responsive with a better experience for the clients, no matter which device they use.








The client can scroll through the list of properties on the initial page (see above) to preview the available listings. If they want to view more information on a specific property, they can tap on the picture to load a more detailed report.

If your client prefers the old reports, simply tap the “hamburger” menu (3 horizontal lines) on the top left, then the “Legacy Reports” option will become available. They will be directed to the report that was selected when the notification email was sent.




As always, call us if you have any questions!