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Paragon version 5.54 will be released tomorrow. Below are 5 change highlights you can look forward to:

Market Monitor:

MarketMonitorDaysThe Market Monitor on your Paragon homepage can now be set to display only updates that have occurred on the current day — simply set the Day(s) field at the bottom left to 0.



Calendar Update:

CalendarYearlyExpirationThe Calendar on the Paragon homepage now lets you more easily define an expiration date for yearly events. The drop-down menu was added to the top of the calendar when selecting the expiration date for a yearly event.




Verification of Listing and Expiration Dates:


There is now a confirmation prompt when you are converting a Partial Listing to a Full Listing. It will ask you to modify or accept Listing and Expiration dates before you can save a Partial Listing as a Full Listing. It will display at the bottom of the page when you are converting a Partial to a Full listing.

CMA Comparable Reports update:

Adjustments that are made to the comparable properties will be included in the calculations done on the Comparable Price Analysis within the CMA. The labels of LP and SP have also been changed to Price and Selling Price for clarification.

CMAComparablesBug Fix for Paragon CMA Default State:

The Cover Letter and Cover Page display previously had a default value of AK (Alaska) in the State field. It appears as a drop-down menu under Prepared For and Prepared By on those pages that previously wouldn’t allow blank values. The field now defaults to blank to allow this choice if would like.