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IMPORTANT: Your clients may have to take action to continue receiving emails from Paragon!

Some members have reported that their clients or even they have been opted out of receiving emails from Paragon. It is easy to opt yourself or your client back into these emails.

If you you suspect this is true for you or your client, follow these instructions to get opted back into receiving emails from Paragon MLS:

  • Enter your client’s or your email address in the field, click Next.

  • Select “Opt-in to receive emails from any agent using this software” and click Next.


Confirmation page notifying user they have 72 hours to check their email to opt in.

  • The email entered will receive a confirmation email from Paragon, requiring them to clink a link to complete the opt-in process. They will have 72 hours to open that email and click the link.

This image shows a sample of the confirmation email that a user would receive after following the process above. The user simply clicks the link to opt back into receiving emails from Paragon.


This image shows the screen that will open after the opt-in link from the email is clicked confirming that the email address is now opted into receiving emails from Paragon MLS.

If you need any assistance with receiving emails from Paragon, please contact our Tech Help Team at 775-823-8838 or support@nnrmls.com.