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Continuing its mission of “keeping members central to the transaction,” NNRMLS unveiled a new and innovative mobile MLS app called Goomzee, adding to an impressive array of Real Estate business software tools, at its annual participants meeting today in Reno, Nevada.

Ushering in a new brand of mobile Real Estate functionality, the Goomzee app allows agent users a variety of ways to quickly search the MLS database, save searches and favorites, plus access agent rosters. Once viewing the details of a listing, an agent can swiftly pull up a walk score, neighborhood information, payment calculator, turn-by-turn directions and tax data. Buyers’ agents will also be able to communicate easily with listing agents via email or a phone call initiated from within the app. Agents can also share listings with their clients with the click of a button. Additionally, listing agents will be delighted at the ability to update the price of their listings from the app. In an upcoming release some status changes will be possible as well.  

“Our members deserve the best tools to access MLS info on the go. Goomzee is blazing fast and has a clean, intuitive interface. We believe that Goomzee offers our members the most complete mobile solution,” said NNRMLS CEO Shelley Specchio.

Proud to bring innovative pricing structures to its members, the NNRMLS will not raise dues in order to provide this amazing product, but will offer it on a subscription basis for only $5 per member, per month. The MLS is also happy to have negotiated more than a month free trial for its members to try it at no cost, a sort of “try before you buy” approach.

“We’ve been exploring a business model where a member can choose the products she deems valuable,” said NNRMLS CEO Shelley Specchio, “it doesn’t work with all products, after all, the concept of MLS is based on a marketplace where everyone is trading on the same platform, but we think this can work with mobile.”

Montana based Goomzee, is a mobile technology solution provider that, according to its website, supports agent users in 49 states and is trusted by more REALTOR Associations and MLSs than any other dedicated mobile solution provider.

“We’re thrilled to be working with NNRMLS, and work together to mobilize thousands of agents in northern Nevada,” say Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s founder and CEO. “As a former resident, it’s especially rewarding to see our technology deployed in the Reno area.”

In addition to Goomzee, NNRMLS is pushing forward in offering its members as much mobile functionality as possible. During the special event Tuesday, NNRMLS Director of Member Services Andrew Cristancho debuted new features recently added to ShowingTime for the MLS mobile app (FREE product), including seamless integration with Goomzee and a seller’s version of the app.

“These new enhancements along with the ability to request and confirm appointments on the fly and receive push notifications to your phone, make the showing process that much easier to manage on both sides, and exponentially lower the interference of conducting a real estate transaction,” Cristancho said.

According to its website, Chicago-based ShowingTime launched in 1999, and created an “industry first, patent-pending, web-based real estate lead capture, calendaring and notification engine.” Its products and services are used in 53,000-plus real estate offices across more than 200 MLSs by 500,000-plus agents.The company’s software is involved in managing more than 2.5 million showings every month.

Following the meeting and Goomzee unveiling, a business card drawing was held for a brand new iPhone 6 Plus! Congratulations to Matt Frow of Dickson Realty, recipient! Enjoy your new phone, Matt!


Product Pages and How to Download the New Apps
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Training is Available:
NNRMLS Lab Classes: Come receive instruction in this 45-minute class and walk away knowing you have instant access to the MLS wherever you go! Please refer to the MLSU schedule on the Launchpad to choose which class is best for you.
Training by Goomzee: A 30-minute live webinar will show you how to get the most out of your new Mobile MLS App. Click here to access dates and times
Training by ShowingTime: Find out about the new upgrades/functionality that ShowingTime has to offer in the webinar. Click here to access dates and times