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Your MLS now accepts “commencing date” as the list date for listings entered into the Paragon system. The Northern Nevada Regional MLS Board of Trustees approved the rule modification during a recent board meeting in order to clarify when a listing must be submitted to the MLS system, and in preparation of annual form changes by its Shareholders; Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® and Sierra Nevada REALTORS® in January 2021.

What Changed?

The modified verbiage reads as follows:

“Listings…shall be submitted to the NNRMLS within 2 business days of the commencement date of listing period specified on the listing agreement, or within 2 business days after all necessary signatures of seller(s) have been obtained, whichever is later…”

Below is a screenshot from the Rules and Regulations with the verbiage highlighted:

Listing Procedures

This adjustment is most prominently displayed on page 1 of the NNRMLS Rules and Regulations, under “Section 2- Listing Procedures.” Mention of the change can be found elsewhere in the Rules and Regulations handbook and within the NNRMLS Policy Manual. The change is effective immediately.

What REALTOR® Association Form Does This Rule Modification Most Commonly Refer to?

The “Exclusive Right To Sell” form, licensed for use by all RSAR and SNR members.

What Do I Need To Know?

The rule change simply clarifies when a listing must be submitted to the NNRMLS system, which is now within two business days of either:

  • The “commencing date” of the listing period specified on the listing agreement; if that date is different from the date all seller signatures were obtained, or
  • The date all necessary signatures of the seller were obtained. Note: In this case, the “commencing date” and the signature date would be the same.

Why Was This Change Made?

Reported member confusion as to when a listing needed to be submitted to the NNRMLS drove MLS leadership and its Board of Trustees to collaborate with its Shareholders to clarify the rules.

How Was This Decision Made?

The NNRMLS Board of Trustees appointed a “Listing-Date Work Group” consisting of board members that are practicing Brokers and Agents. The group conducted research and consulted with Shareholders to reach its decision.

I Still Have Questions:

No problem, we are happy to help. Simply email compliance@nnrmls.com with any questions, comments or concerns.