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Data-MigrationLPS, the makers of the Paragon 5 MLS system, announced that it will move the Data Center that hosts our MLS system from Olathe, KS to the world-class LPS Corporate Data Center in Jacksonville, FL on December 13-14.


It may sound scary, but we believe the move will be smooth and here’s why:

What LPS has done to prepare:

  • Trial runs in moving environments have been conducted
  • Analysis of potential solutions to limit the duration of downtime
  • Implementing fail safe solutions for transporting images
  • Performing mock migration drills

How this will affect you:

  1. Paragon 5 will be unavailable for use from 5pm on Friday, December 13 to approximately 11am on Saturday, December 14.
  2. Photo Administration will be disabled starting 12:01am December 13 to December 15. NOTE: This means there will be a window of time on December 13 when it will be possible to enter and save a listing without uploading a photo.
  3. During the time from December 13 to December 15, NNRMLS will not enforce our photo policy. We will allow 2 business days to upload photos after the system becomes live again on Saturday, December 14. Agents that do not upload a photo to new listings within 2 business days (or approximately Tuesday, December 17 at 5pm) will be subject to penalties outlined in the NNRMLS Policy and Rules and Regulations manuals.
  4. All data fed to third party real estate sites and vendors will be halted during the Paragon downtime and will be restored to normal when the process is completed.

How you can­ prepare:

Although Paragon will be completely off line for several hours, being a Member of NNRMLS allows you access to tools via The Member Launchpad so you can continue to serve your clients. To get to the Launchpad enter this URL: http://launchpad.nnrmls.com into your browser. Once you log into the Launchpad, may we suggest using the following:

  1. Find – a professional data application that allows MLS Members to access property information via a powerful, robust and intuitive search engine.
  2. REALTORS Property Resource – RPR offers comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and dynamic reports.
  3. Cloud CMA – a fast online report generator that includes buyer tours, property reports, listing flyers and of course eye-catching CMAs.
  4. Use MLS Bill Pay, Supra, DocCentral, MLSU, GeoJet, The MLS Post, Listingbook, zipForm and more all from The Member Launchpad!

We also suggest you take all necessary steps to obtain information from the MLS system or make changes to your listings in advance of this downtime window.

How does this benefit the MLS?

  • Larger data center with more capabilities
  • Improved performance for staff, agents, third party vendors/partners and consumers
  • Capability to add Disaster Recovery at an affordable cost
  • Flexibility to add capacity and cloud resources faster

According to the LPS team, when the system comes back online Saturday, ALL data, content and system functionality will be as it was when you left it on Friday evening.

We agree with our partners at LPS that this data migration will help their organization meet the needs of the increased demands for storage due to our growing database sizes, (including listings, documents and photos with increased size and resolution) and help them continue to have the system available when you need it; running smoothly and quickly.

We realize this downtime has the potential to cause some disruption to your workflow and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Please contact our support staff with questions or concerns; via email support@nnrmls.com and phone (775) 823-8838.

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