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Want to learn more about your MLS products and services, but the classes offered never line up with your schedule? NNRMLS has a solution for you: Mindflash! Mindflash will be accessible to Members 24/7!

Mindflash is an online, on-demand learning system for modern business! With Mindflash you can learn about NNRMLS products and services whenever you want and from wherever you are. Because Mindflash is mobile responsive, you can get your training on-the-go from the device you have with you.

It’s easy to access the Mindflash system:
Step 1. Log into your launchpad at nnrmls.launchpad.com
Step 2. Click the Mindflash button

Step 3. You will land on our Mindflash single sign-on page – to continue to Mindflash click the Login with NNRMLS button.

You will land inside the My Courses folder, from which you can explore all of the training that we’ve added to the Mindflash system! Please note our training team will be adding new content regularly.

A note about My Courses:
My Courses are courses that you’ve been invited to by one of our staff or have self-enrolled in.

The Course Catalog folder holds all of NNRMLS course content and you can enroll in as many courses as you like.

Once you enroll in a course it will appear in your My Courses folder under the All subfolder. Courses that you’re invited to will show in My Courses under the Invited subtab, and once you complete a course it will always be available for reference in My Courses under the Completed subfolder.

Any course you take in Mindflash will bookmark your progress so when you decide you need a break, simply log out of the system. When you return to Mindflash, you can Resume a course and be brought right back to the exact place where you left off.

We currently have Course Catalogs for:

  • NNRMLS Orientation
  • Paragon MLS
  • Homesnap Pro
  • Instanet’s Transaction Desk
  • Cloud Agent Suite
  • Remine

We’ll be adding fresh content on a regular basis! We’re excited to offer this on-demand learning platform to help you fit your MLS training into your busy schedule. Please let us know what you think and also let us know what
courses you’d like to see included.

Please note: If you’re a new member who has not yet completed NNRMLS Orientation, the Course Catalog will not be available to you until you complete the Orientation.