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Implementation of NAR’s 8.0 Policy in Northern Nevada Explained


Why a Clear Cooperation Page?

You may have heard that back in November 2019 the National Association of REALTORS® adopted MLS Policy Statement 8.0, also known as NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy. The NNRMLS Team, along with our Board of Trustees, have been hard at work sorting out what this policy will look like locally. We established a work group with NNRMLS Staff and our Board, spoke with our Shareholders, our Brokers and Agents and even conducted a Broker survey! There are many moving pieces involved in implementing the policy including, importantly; the discontinuation of the current NNRMLS Sellers’ Waiver of MLS Benefits form. 

If that sounds like a lot, it is. That’s why our team created a central hub where you can find Clear Cooperation information!

To make sure you have the latest and best information on the NNRMLS local implementation, our team developed a Clear Cooperation Policy webpage, connected to our Members’ website. You can visit the page here: https://members.nnrmls.com/clear-cooperation/.

The NNRMLS Clear Cooperation Policy webpage will explain what the NAR policy says, links to the national page, explains how it will be implemented locally and gives a time frame for when it will be in place. We will be adding more information to this page as we count down to implementation. In the next few weeks, look for a comprehensive FAQ and Listing Comparison Matrix to be linked to this page.

Please share this new page with all of your NNRMLS Member REALTOR® colleagues, so that we can make sure that everyone has this important information.

If you have questions about our local implementation of NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy, please email info@nnrmls.com or call (775) 823-8838.