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Launch Day Release Header

NNRMLS Operations


New NNRMLS Help Desk:

  • Our new Help Desk page will provide you with a One-Stop Shop for all your MLS Tech Needs! Submit a ticket, request a call back or schedule a virtual visit at our Tech Bar! Read more here.
    • Look for this button on the Launchpad to find the new Help Desk page:

Tech Help Button

Launchpad Changes: New Buttons, Better Access!

  • The NNRMLS Status Page is now available from the Launchpad!
    • You can check NNRMLS system health 24/7 by visiting and subscribing to the NNRMLS Status Page
    • Look for this Status Page button on the Launchpad:

Status Page

  • Paragon Connect button added
    • More than mobile, Paragon Connect now has its own button on the Launchpad so that you can easily access this modern new MLS user experience from Paragon MLS!
    • Look for this  button on the Launchpad:

Paragon Connect

  • Tech Help Button Makeover/New Help Desk Page
    • The Tech Help button will stay in the same place and keep it’s great look, however the magic happens when you click the button! Starting today this button gives you access to our brand-new Help Desk page mentioned above!

Tech Help Button

  • Look for this Tech Help button on the Launchpad to access the New NNRMLS Help Desk:
    • Here’s a preview of our new Help Desk page:


Paragon Updates:

  • Paragon ConnectMore Than Mobile! Have you tried this innovative new feature? Did you know it now includes public records and smart data? Watch our how-to video.
  • Paragon 5.79 Release: Did you know the development team at Paragon MLS performs major updates on their software approximately every six weeks? The latest release came with some fun goodies for Paragon Desktop, (classic version), and Paragon Connect. Here’s a great summary video that showcases those changes. Below are some highlights from the release, to find out more check out our Paragon 5.79 Fall 2020 Updates blog post here.
    • Paragon Desktop:
      • Collaboration Center Notifications added to Contact Summary
      • New Contact View shows Client Comments in context with a specific listing when they message you in Collab Center
      • Several refinements to Paragon’s Power Search
      • Open House and Tours can be added to Partial Listings
    • Paragon Connect – More Than Mobile:
      • Paragon Connect now has Live-Stream Open Houses
      • Find multiple open house and tour events on one listing
      • Property Watch added to Paragon Connect
    • Paragon Desktop Improvements by NNRMLS Staff — MLS Report and Listing Input Updates:
      • “Selling Team” added to the “Sold Information” section of the MLS All Fields listing report. This addition is a long-requested feature from our brokers and agents.
      • Here’s a look at this new field:

MLS All Fields

      • We added an error message when no date is entered into the “Available For Showing” date on a Coming Soon listing. This enhancement furthers our mission to help our members achieve data accuracy upon listing input.Here’s a look at this new message:
      •  Error Message

We hope you love all of these features as much as we love bringing them to you! Please feel free to email us at info@nnrmls.com with questions!