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Launch Day Release Header
At the beginning of every month, we bring new features to many of your important NNRMLS products, services or business tools. This month includes some terrific news; we begin to re-open our office! Other updates, enhancements and benefits include the ability to select an Additional Billing Contact for your MLS account, an important option for Brokers regarding Agent IDX billing, a reminder about the suspension of the Coming Soon status, updates to Paragon MLS, we continue our monthly Homesnap webinar series and we have a sneak peek at a new integration between Cloud CMA and TransactionDesk. Welcome to NNRMLS’ Launch Day May 2021 Blog Post!


NNRMLS To Reopen Office Lobby May 17th!
Beginning May 17 at 8 am NNRMLS will open its doors for limited in-person services.
Our lobby will be open Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Thurs from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm with an hour-long closure from 12 to 1 pm to allow for our weekly team meeting. The hour-long closure only applies to Thursdays and replaces our previous staff-meeting closure from 8 am to 9 am.
In-person services will be limited at first as we will follow all local, state and national health and safety protocols related to the ongoing pandemic.
We will continue to offer full services online during this time.

Members can now add an Additional Billing Contact to their MLS account:
We have added a new option to the NNRMLS Members Website for you to add a Billing Contact to your account profile.
This optional feature is available to all members and allows you to authorize a contact of your choice to receive a billing email and pay new invoices when they are posted to your account.
If payment is due on your account, your Additional Billing Contact will be able to view outstanding invoices and make payments using the link provided in the email notifications.
Check out the how-to guide on our blog.

A new Agent Billing option for IDX can now be enabled by Brokers
Brokers can now opt to have monthly IDX licensing fees billed directly to Agents.
This optional feature is available only to Brokers and must be manually enabled for each IDX Agreement where Agent billing is desired.
When Agent Billing is enabled for a specific IDX Agreement, NNRMLS will remove recurring monthly IDX licensing fees from the Broker’s account and add a $15 per month recurring IDX license fee to each agent who has a website associated with the IDX agreement.
Check out the how-to guide and FAQ posted on our blog.

We wanted to remind you that the Coming Soon listing status has been suspended for a least 12 months!
Due to strong Broker and Agent sentiment the Coming Soon listing status was suspended as of May 3, 2021. It will remain suspended for at least 12 months.
During the 12-month period, a task force will be formed that will work to address issues that concern our members about the status.
Listings that are currently in the Coming Soon status will remain in that status until the Available for Showing Date, at which time they will be auto-converted to new.
Our team estimates that by the end of May no more Coming Soon listings will exist in our MLS system.
Check out the Pause to Coming Soon FAQ on our blog for more information.

FREE Homesnap Pro Webinar:
Click Here to register for this month’s FREE “Promote Your Brand” webinar! It’s only 30 minutes!
Click here to find out about all of the exciting monthly topics and to register for a FREE Homesnap webinar today!
The entire webinar series has been added to our Events Calendar!

For the May Launch Day, we are bringing small UI and UX updates to the Paragon MLS system.
We relocated the Under Contract Statuses and shifted the position of the New and Price statuses to better align with the transaction cycle.
Brokers can now change the “Listing Agent 2” and “List Team” fields without help from NNRMLS staff.
Click here to read our Paragon Updates blog post!

We hope you agree with us and our leadership that these updates help NNRMLS make the market work! Please feel free to contact us at info@nnrmls.com with questions or submit a comment below.

Editor’s note: We originally announced in this post and emails linking to this post that a new workflow for Cloud CMA and TransactionDesk would launch on May 10th.
This is not the case for all Cloud CMA users and is not the case for NNRMLS Members with a Cloud CMA or TransactionDesk account. This communication error was due to a miscommunication between Lone Wolf and NNRMLS, and we apologize for the inaccuracy. We will continue to update membership if this feature should present itself to Members who use Cloud CMA and TransactionDesk.

​Where Can I Find Training?
NNRMLS will take appointments from Brokers to schedule Virtual Office Webinars to explain the new statuses. If you are a Broker or Broker admin click here to schedule.
As an NNRMLS member, you are invited to click here to schedule one-on-one sessions as needed to clarify questions you might have about the updates in this blog post.

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