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At the beginning of every month, we bring new features to many of your important NNRMLS products, services or business tools. This month we have quite a few changes to the existing Coming Soon listing status; including an updated form, adjustments to listing input and violation reporting procedures and changes to NNRMLS Policy. We also have a NEW Button on the Launchpad to make it easier for you to change your member information! Welcome to NNRMLS’ Launch Day February 2021 Blog Post!

  • NNRMLS Operations/Coming Soon Updates:
    • Updated Coming Soon Form!
      • The updated Coming Soon Authorization Form is live in TransactionDesk today! Please take a look in the NNRMLS Forms folder in TransactionDesk to familiarize yourself with the form. It includes a summary of new and updated rules and policies in its “Coming Soon Guidelines” section so that you and your clients can be sure you know all of the rules surrounding this listing status.
      • Please remember to check your TransactionDesk Templates to make sure the new Coming Soon form has been added. Here’s a blog on how to determine if forms in your templates are out of date.
    • New and Updated Coming Soon Policies and Procedures
      • The violation for showing a Coming Soon Listing is now an automatic $1,000 fine and would apply in the following circumstances:
        • The Listing Agent who shows their own Coming Soon listing would incur an automatic $1,000 fine
        • The Buyers Agent who shows a Coming Soon listing without the Listing Agent’s permission would incur an automatic $1,000 fine
        • Both Listing Agent and Buyers Agent would each incur an automatic $1,000 fine when the Buyers Agent has shown a Coming Soon listing with the Listing Agent’s permission
      • Our updated policy now requires the listing agent to attach a Status Change Form if the Available for Showing Date is changed
      • Click here to read our blog post detailing the February 2021 Coming Soon changes
      • All of the Coming Soon changes are reflected in the NNRMLS Policies and Rules and Regs documents. Click here for the NNRLS Policy Manual, and click here for the NNRMLS Rules and Regulations Handbook
    • New Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Webpage!
      • At NNRMLS, we take pride in being the trusted source of timely and accurate real estate information. The Coming Soon status fills an important need in our real estate market when used as intended; to begin marketing a listing that is not ready to show. When the status is misused, and showings occur, our members and their clients lose out, and the reputation of NNRMLS suffers. That’s why NNRMLS has clarified our Coming Soon Rules and implemented new Policy, increasing the penalty for Coming Soon Showing Violations. To report a showing violation, click here. To read our blog about the New Coming Soon Showing Violation Reporting Webpage click here.

All Coming Soon updates listed above were painstakingly researched and approved by our Board of Trustees and implemented by leadership and staff. Also, feedback from many NNRMLS members drove the initiatives explained in this post.

Look for this button

We hope you agree with us, our leadership and all of the feedback from Brokers & Agents just like you that these updates help NNRMLS make the market work better! Please feel free to contact us at info@nnrmls.com with questions! For training opportunities, visit our Tech Help page and look for the “Visit the Tech Bar” button.