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The following Broker Bullet was sent directly to all NNRMLS Participants on September 19, 2014. Please contact Shelley Specchio, NNRMLS Chief Executive Officer if you have any questions: shelley@nnrmls.com

Instanet is ready to receive Broker Forms. Have you been gathering your brokerage specific forms?  Because now is the time to begin sending them in to Instanet for integration. For a limited time, Instanet Solutions has agreed to upload and integrate ALL your brokerage forms for FREE. We will have a limited window that will close 30 days after the launch of the product. After this limited time you may add your forms to your office forms library for $50/page. We will keep you posted on the exact dates of the official launch and when the 30-day period will end.

Form Upload Information:
Send to: forms@instanetsolutions.com

In your email, be sure to include:

  • Brokerage name
  • Office ID #
  • Primary Broker name
  • Contact person’s name
  • Contact email/phone
  • Name of the files attached

Acceptable File Types

  • Word Doc
  • PDF (created from another file)

NOTE: PDF files must be created from programs, not scanned copies.

Unacceptable File Types

No scanned documents (image files)

NOTE: Image files such as jpgs or PDFs scanned from an original do not contain editable type which is needed in order to integrate the forms for use in Instanet.

Training Schedule Soon To Be Released

Everyone is getting anxious to get in and start learning the new system. Please reassure your staff and agents that we will have lots of training opportunities.

We understand that your administrative staff offers a great deal of assistance to your agents and in some cases do all the MLS Listing Input. So, we will schedule Administrative Staff specific training sessions. Every registered office assistant or staff person with MLS access will be invited to attend these training sessions. There will also be many opportunities for agents to get the training they need. Very soon – possibly as early as next week – we will announce the training schedule for all Members as we prepare for the launch of this exciting new product. 

Nominate a Power User

We know every office has an agent that is just a little more tech-y than the rest. We are looking for that agent in your office to join our early adopters group. This group will start testing the systems before they are launched to help us find errors and resolve issues prior to the system going live to the other 2,600 Members. Please contact us to nominate yourself, a staff member, or an agent to be added to our growing Early Adopter group.

Click here for info on all the products in the Instanet Solutions Suite and watch for more information from your REALTOR® Association and Northern Nevada Regional MLS.

We also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” document (or FAQ) Click here
If we can’t answer your question yet, we will find out and get you the answer! Email or call us with questions.