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Amy Shocket, Broker Salesperson with Dickson Realty, leaves NNRMLS Board of Trustees at the end of this month, after serving three consecutive years as Board President, the longest term in NNRMLS history.

Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from a presentation honoring NNRMLS Board of Trustees President Amy Shocket given by NNRMLS CEO George Pickard at the December Board of Trustees meeting. An interview with Mrs. Shocket follows Mr. Pickard’s tribute.

Amie Shocket

As a token of appreciation, the NNRMLS Team presented a special gift to Amy Shocket during its December Board of Trustees meeting; a lovely photo of Lake Tahoe, signed by each member of the NNRMLS team. This image shows Amy in the foreground and her signed gift in the background.

I first worked with Amy when she volunteered for a workgroup to update listing input forms. My initial impression was that Amy took the job very seriously and devoted her full attention to the work at hand. Amy’s focus was trained on making improvements that mattered for our members. Although none of us foresaw just how much time would be involved in bringing that project to completion, Amy has never shied away from giving back by stepping up, pitching in and leading the way. Amy served as a Trustee Officer in 2016 and Vice President in 2017. In 2018, Amy was elected as Board President. When asked to help guide us through several important long-term initiatives, (twice!) Amy and our BOT agreed to continue her service in this capacity.

So much has changed during Amy’s six years as on the Board. When Amy was first appointed, Shelley Specchio was our CEO and our mobile app was called “Goomzee.” Much has changed, but much of what matters remains the same. Amy has always been all-in and always about doing right by our members. She has been an ally to the NNRMLS Team, a mentor and a partner to me, and a champion for our members. From the hands-on work of revising Listing Input forms, to bringing people together to find a path forward, Amy has been a model leader for those who will follow. It is because of Amy’s courage to confront real-world issues that NNRMLS is a better, stronger organization today. Thanks to Amy’s leadership, NNRMLS is implementing meaningful solutions that matter, delivering on the promise of supporting our member as the trusted source of real estate expertise.

Amy’s service to NNRMLS is but one chapter in a long record of contributions to the REALTOR® community. While we are hopeful that Amy will remain engaged with NNRMLS we know she will continue to be a pillar in the profession.

Amy, I speak on behalf of the team when I say this, from the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful. Thank you for all you have given to NNRMLS. We salute you for a job very well done!

George Pickard is the Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service.

Editor’s Note: During the meeting George also thanked outgoing Trustees Kathy Tatro and Carol Murphy for their service to the board, and those that continue to serve into 2021 as well as those that will fill officer roles. Click here to check out our blog post.

Editor’s note: We wanted to hear from Amy about what her time was like serving on our board for six years, three as president, and what it was like being President with three different CEOs. Here’s what Amy had to say:

NNRMLS: What do you see as the future of MLS?

Amy: The Future of MLS – MLS is “THE” marketplace for homes for sale. My hope is that despite outside forces, the MLS continues to provide agents a place to work cooperatively in the best interest of our buyers and sellers.

NNRMLS: What have you learned in your time of service on the NNRMLS Board of Trustees?

Amy: What have I learned? The most important thing that I have learned in my service on the NNRMLS BOT is that EVERYTHING this board does is for the members.  The board members put aside personal agendas and resume building efforts to focus tirelessly on what is best for our members.

NNRMLS: What was it like serving with three different CEOs?

Amy: Each CEO that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years have been different in their leadership styles. I have learned through the transitions of CEOs the importance of communication and transparency. An informed board is a productive board member. Having a CEO that is willing to engage the board rather than just look for a rubber stamp helps draw the knowledge and experience of the board members into the decision-making process.

NNRMLS: You have been very involved in your community, but also your real estate community, if an agent told you that they were looking to give back to their real estate community what advice would you give them?

Amy: The most important advice I could give someone looking to get involved is to do it for the right reasons. Volunteer because you want to make the industry better for everyone, not for your personal gain. Give 110 percent by diving in and being knowledgeable. Do the hard work, even if it is not always the easiest thing to do.

Licensed since 2003 Amy Shocket brings dedication, attention to detail, and passion to the real estate transaction. She and her husband David Shocket make up The Shocket Team with Dickson Realty.