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After being down for a couple of weeks the NNRMLS fax line is now working! The error, which occurred at the phone company level, has been resolved — we can now receive faxes sent to the (775) 823-8809 number. In the unlikely event that you do experience an error, please try one of these options:

1. Scan and email the document to info@nnrmls.com.

2. Fax the document to the Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors at
775) 823-8809 with “Attention NNRMLS” included on the cover page.

3. Use our Fax to Email service from DocCentral…free of charge! Learn more about that service here: http://nnrmlsblog.com/create-a-coversheet-your-clients-can-fax-to-your-email-inbox/

Please feel free to contact the NNRMLS with questions at (775) 823-8838 or at support@nnrmls.com.