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NNRMLS has enabled a “Captcha” requirement on the “Request More Info” lead-capture form on our public-facing website NNRMLS.com. This update is in response to recent fake lead submissions that appear to be bot-generated. This measure will help protect our members from receiving bogus leads on their listings displayed on NNRMLS.com. NNRMLS has received multiple reports during the past week that our members were sent unusual email leads from NNRMLS.com . In the member’s course of correspondence with this bogus lead, the inquiring party responds to the member email by sending an email attachment that contains a link to download malware.

The attachment was described in the email body as a  “client’s offer” or “loan doc” and appears to contain a link to download a file that contains a virus.


If you have opened an attachment from a questionable lead, please run a full-system scan with your antivirus program or follow up with an IT Professional for assistance with removing malware.

The Internet is rife with phishing and wire-fraud. Here’s a list of best-practices to avoid being hacked:

  • Only open email attachments when they are from a known person, and when you are expecting the attachment.
  • If you receive an email with a link to download a file, do not click on the link unless you are expecting to receive the document from someone you trust. 
  • Do not share bank account or routing information with anyone via email or on untrusted websites.
  • Do not click on a link purporting to be from your bank or other financial institution. If you’re unsure about the sender’s request, visit the website directly by typing the bank’s known URL into the web browser yourself.
  • Do not enter user account info, passwords, or any other identifying information into web pages that have opened from an email link or attachment.
  • If it feels suspicious, reach out to the sender at their known, trusted phone number.
  • Keep your Antivirus software is current with virus patterns up-to-date and your Operating System secure with the latest updates.
  • Schedule regular system backups using your Operating System or verified backup vendor.


Check out the NNRMLS Blog by signing into your NNRMLS Member Launchpad and clicking on the NNRMLS Post button under “NNRMLS Resources” section. 

If you have additional questions or need assistance with email security, please our Tech Support team at 775-823-8838.