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Tip of the Day

Our team wants to help you! That’s why we’ve created the NNRMLS Tip of the Day! The following list is the very beginning of our compilation of tips that will help you while running your Real Estate business. Many of these tips include solutions to common questions that our Members ask us. You will find tips from our different departments at NNRMLS; including, but not limited to, our Support, Admin and Data Integrity teams.

As time goes on we’ll be adding additional tips to this list, with the most recent tips always on top. We’ll provide links to this article within our tips, so you can always find your favorite or discover something new. Look for NNRMLS tips posted every day to the Paragon Homepage, the Launchpad and Social Media!

NNRMLS Tips of the Day:

Security Tip of the Day: Recently increased security with our Single-Sign-On technology may make it seem that you have to log into your NNRMLS Launchpad more often. In reality, if your Launchpad application’s session expires because of inactivity, your Launchpad Single-Sign-On session will be logged out as well. NNRMLS is constantly striving to increase your work efficiency while implementing superior security standards.

Here are a few quick tips to prevent session timeouts:
1. In Paragon, you can reset the 1-hour session timer by clicking on the computer-shaped icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, or the Home icon in the tool banner at the top of the page.
2. The 2-hour NNRMLS Member Launchpad session timer can be reset by refreshing the page.
3. When you have finished a task in a less-frequently used application, close the browser tab to prevent the session timeout from terminating your Single-Sign-On session. Keep in mind, our industry-standard security protocols protect you and your data from unauthorized access. NNRMLS is constantly striving to increase your work efficiency while implementing superior security standards.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback: (775) 823-8838 or

Tip of the Day: has a consumer-facing Covid-19 resource page: and dedicated page for real estate professionals here:
Coronavirus real estate resource center: Information, resources and tools to help with your real estate goals during these challenging times

Paragon Email Tip from the NNRMLS Support Team: Dale advises if you want to send a ‘legacy’ listing report like a Client All Fields or Book Report that after you select the listings that you want to send to your client and then you click the email button, take care to select the Hyperlink choice under the Select Email Type section on the left sidebar of the Email Type window. This way you can send the reports you’re used to sending instead of the all-new Collab Link format. See the screenshot below:

Email reports

Showing Tip Of The Day: Did you know Showingtime has added a “Virtual Showing” option under their appointment types? Click here to learn more!

NNRMLS “It’s No Secret” Tip: Your NNRMLS Team is hard at work making sure the backbone of your real estate business continues to be there whenever you need it! 24/7 data accuracy, training, live support and compliance help during business hours is our pleasure! Here’s the team during a recent VIRTUAL office meeting. We’re here to help M-F at 823-8838 or

NNRMLS VIRTUAL Team Meeting 3.2020

Video Showing Tip: Click here to learn how to set up Video Showings with ShowingTime:

After Hours Support Tip: Did you know Paragon MLS has weekend support for our members? You can access Paragon Broker/Agent Support via phone at 1- 877-MLS-HELP (877-657-4357), or email at:
Paragon’s support hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday: 6am to 8pm  CT
Saturday: 9am to 3pm CT
Sunday: 11am to 3pm CT

NNRMLS on COVID-19: Did you know NNRMLS has launched an NNRMLS COVID-19 Resource Page on our Member’s website? The page is meant to provide you with a ‘toolkit’ to help you continue to run your business during these times of COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing best practices. Click here to learn more on the MLS Post

Virtual Open House Tip: Use Homesnap Stories, (included in your Homesnap Pro app via your NNRMLS membership), to take the place of an in-person Open House. Click this link to read more:

ShowingTime Tip: ShowingTime updated all current listings and the default for new listings to be No Overlapping Showings. That way, two showing agents won’t be scheduled to be in the same property at the same time. Read our blog article here:

ShowingTime Tip: ShowingTime has a new webpage called “Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Showings In North America” where you can drill down to the state level to see how showings in Nevada have been affected. Here’s the link:

Tip for Listing Agents; here’s a tip for those who have decided, with their seller’s guidance, that they would like to stop the days on market and stop the showing requirement on their listings. Put your listing into the Temporarily Off-Market status. Watch this video to find out how:

Tip of the Day from our Education Team: You can view our up-to-date product training videos through our On-Demand Training! Reach these videos on the Launchpad by clicking the Mindflash Button (Blue “M”) in the MLS Services section

Tip from our Admin Team: Supra Lockbox questions/issues are serviced through your Association. Should you need help, please call your Association at 775.823.8800 (RSAR) or 775.885.7200 (SNR)

Tech Tip from NNRMLS Tech Support Team: Ryan advises you to discontinue use of the Internet Explorer, (IE), web browser. The reason? Most versions of this program have been out-of support from Microsoft for years, and Microsoft verifies that its latest version, Internet Explorer 11, will be the last version of its once dominant web browser. Web developers do not design sites with IE in mind. Because of this it’s common for parts of a webpage, or the entire page, not to load correctly when using IE. We recommend using Google Chrome instead. For more information from Microsoft on the lifecycle of IE click here:

Tech Tip from NNRMLS Tech Support Team: Dale advises our Instanet and Authentisign users that you can find copies of your signed forms in the Documents section of each transaction. Just look for Documents on the right-hand sidebar. For more information contact our support team at

Tip from our Front Desk: Stephanie advises that you can view payment information and pay your NNRMLS dues easily through MLS Pay directly from your Member Launchpad! Click here: to visit the Launchpad.

Tip from our Front Desk: Stephanie wants to remind you that NNRMLS is a separate entity from your REALTORS® Association. NNRMLS has two shareholder REALTORS® Associations: Reno-Sparks Association of REALTORS® (RSAR) and Sierra Nevada REALTORS® (SNR).

Tip from our Front Desk: Stephanie wants you to know that we’re running a Value of the MLS survey! Have you taken our survey? Click here to take it now:…it only takes two minutes to complete!

Compliance Tip from our Data Integrity Team: Misty advises that you can always find the correct area for your listing using the Area Maps button located on your Member Launchpad. Click here: to visit the Launchpad.

Safety Tip from our Admin Team: Mimi advises that the Homesnap Pro app includes a Safety Timer feature! For more information click here: or contact our support team at

Safety Tip from our Admin Team: Mimi advises that the Supra eKEY app includes an Agent Alert feature! For more information click here:

Tip from our Admin Team: Mimi says “Have a question about your MLS? Give us a call at (775) 823-8838, or email us at We’re here to help!”