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NNRMLS Launches IDX Data License Tools for Members and VendorsIDX Illustration

What’s New with IDX at NNRMLS?

NNRMLS has built a new agreement-management platform that will expedite the IDX approval process with electronic signatures and automated email notifications.
Part of the new platform is the NNRMLS Vendor Portal, where approved vendors can initiate and manage IDX Agreements and IDX Website Registrations. Through this launch our team has streamlined the IDX data licensing and management process for all of our members and the vendors that provide them with IDX websites.
While an IDX website simplifies and centralizes marketing efforts for Brokers and Agents, the licensing and technology processes in the background can be quite complex. We built this new system to address that complexity.

Do I need to take action?

No. However, you may receive requests from our system to review new IDX agreements as they are initiated by your IDX vendor. Beginning August 1st, we will require all new IDX requests, including new agreements, new websites, and cancellations, to be processed through the NNRMLS Vendor Portal and Member Website.

What about my existing IDX agreements?

No action is required. If you have an existing agreement it remains on file and has been automatically uploaded into our new system. If you are launching new IDX websites, your vendor will use this new system to license IDX and register the website. As of August 1st, we will no longer accept IDX license agreements via email, fax, mail, or in person, nor will we accept old versions of the agreements.

How do I find the new NNRMLS IDX Platform and how does it work?


Members' Site ButtonAgents can navigate to their IDX page from the Tools tab on the NNRMLS Members website. Here’s how:

Log into your Members’ Launchpad at launchpad.nnrmls.com and click the NNRMLS Members’ Website button, shown to the left. Then, click the Tools tab and select IDX from the resulting dropdown (see image below).

IDX Dropdown Menu

You will land on the “IDX Websites Associated with Your Account” page (see image below).


Here’s what you can do on your IDX Websites page:

From the Status and Reason columns, Agents can track the approval process for your IDX websites. All IDX websites must be approved by your Broker prior to launch. For sites that your Broker has not yet approved or rejected, your website record will be displayed as “Pending Broker Approval”. When your Broker has either approved or rejected the site, the website record on this page will be updated accordingly. When you are no longer using IDX for your website, you can cancel your IDX license by clicking the red cancel button. NNRMLS will notify the IDX vendor of the cancellation; however, Agents should contact their IDX vendor directly to cancel website hosting and prevent unexpected charges. When an Agent’s website cancellation request results in the deactivation of the last active website associated with an IDX Agreement, the agreement itself will be terminated, and future billing of the related IDX fees will be cancelled.

NOTE: If you’re a Broker, you will have additional functionality on this page.
Click to read the NNRMLS’ IDX Quick Start Guide for Brokers (login required).


We hope these tools help you to automate and streamline your business practices. Please contact idx@nnrmls.com with questions concerning IDX.