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Did you know that if you look beside the name of a form in your transaction it will show the date/version of the form in parentheses? If 2016 is shown beside the name, you are most likely trying to use an old version! The old versions will still be in your transactions, but as part of the new 2018 forms release on May 10th, NNRMLS disabled the upload listing button on the OLD versions only of the forms  you will not be able to upload your listing from the old versions!

The solution is easy! If you have run into this issue, to be able to upload a listing again, choose/add the new form with 2018 in parentheses beside the name (see below):

The functionality of the Upload Listing feature on the 2018 forms has been tested and cleared for use since May 10th. If you don’t see the Upload Listing link (as shown below), please make sure you are on the 2018 version of the form! If you have followed these instructions and still do not see the upload listing button, please call 823.8838 or email support@nnrmls.com. 

Upload listing

A note about templates:

If you have a template with an old form in it, and you apply that template to a new transaction, the old form will not appear in the new transaction’s form list. It is effectively “locked” away inside the template, never to be released again. You must delete it from the template and add the new formHere’s a tutorial on how to update your templates!

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