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Did you know that with the release of the 2018 NNRMLS Listing Input forms you can now easily and accurately search for one average monthly fee? Our team worked with Paragon MLS to implement this enhancement to make searching for this information easier!

In addition; our input forms and the Paragon MLS system will no longer refer to these fees as HOAs, (Homeowners’ Association), and will instead be called Common Interest Communities or abbreviated as CIC. This will more closely follow the Nevada Revised Statutes that are recognized by professionals statewide.

New CIC section

Here’s how the CIC search in Paragon MLS works:

Open a search in Paragon MLS and enter the range of monthly CIC fees that your client is willing to pay into the fee fields (shown below), then click search. Pro-Tip: If you leave the Minimum field blank, you’ll get results that range from $0 to the limit you entered. In the example below, we’ve entered nothing in the Minimum field and $100 in the Maximum field. HINT: Decimals are not required unless you’re looking for split dollar amounts.

Enter the range of CIC fees

When you try this search you will not likely have the Average Monthly CIC Fee column in your spreadsheet, but it’s easy to add it by customizing your spreadsheet to include it!

Average Monthly CIC Fees

Here’s how:

  • While viewing your spreadsheet click Customize, then click Fields:

Choose customize, then fields

  • Now search for Average Monthly CIC Fees in the search window and click the checkbox that corresponds to that field. Next, click the Add button in the middle of the window. It will then be added to the Selected Fields side of the window. If needed, move the field by clicking and dragging it, (in the example below I’ve repositioned it to appear next to Asking Price); finally, click Save:

Add fields

Now that you’ve customized your spreadsheet to include the Average Monthly CIC Fee column, it will remain there for all searches you do later; in other words, “set it and forget it!” If you want to remove the column, simply employ the process described above in reverse.

Tip for Listing Agents: You can now enter up to three separate CICs in your listing, without having to do any math for the search described above to work! Whether you enter the CIC fees as monthly, quarterly or annually, the Paragon MLS system will auto-calculate an average monthly fee – easily searched for by other agents! Listing agents can enter this data into the listing input forms in Instanet, or into the listing input contained in Paragon.

Here’s an image of the CIC fields as they appear in the NNRMLS listing input form:

CIC in Instanet

And here’s an image of the CIC fields as they appear in the Paragon MLS system:

This is just one of the many exciting enhancements we’ve added to your MLS system to help you serve your clients more efficiently!

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