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NNRMLS released its updated listing input forms today; some with major changes some with minor changes. All updated forms are already entered into Instanet and ready to use. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Instanet templates with NNRMLS listing input forms you will need to update them so that they will work correctly. You can find out how to update Instanet templates by clicking here.

A lot of new and exciting features are included with these new forms. You may have read in previous articles NNRMLS Highlights New Green Fields in Upcoming Form UpdateNNRMLS Gives Sneak Peek of Soon-to-Be-Released Input Forms about some of the changes that are coming.

Here is a brief summary, (we will be releasing a comprehensive FAQ and training guide for the new forms in the coming days):

The Residential Listing Input Form will get the most stunning facelift with changes to how HOAs are referenced (Homeowners’ Association). HOAs will now be called Common Interest Communities or abbreviated as CIC. This will more closely follow the Nevada Revised Statutes that are recognized by professionals statewide.

New CIC section

However, this is not the most exciting enhancement to this form! We know the technology that has been put in place behind these fields will save our members time! CIC will now calculate an average monthly payment, whether the listing agent has entered annual, quarterly, monthly or one-time payments. This will make it much easier for agents to inform their clients of the true cost of CIC dues! Another improvement that many of our members have asked for is the differentiation between condo and town home. This will allow buyers’ agents to make the distinction in their search for condos or townhomes more accurately for their clients. We hope you are as excited as we are about this one! 

The next thing we should mention is Green and Smart. The most striking visual enhancement to this area which still remains in features is the leaf and light bulb. The leaf icon denotes Green, otherwise known as energy efficient features and the lightbulb icon indicates Smart Green and Smart Feature Iconsfeatures. These fields are distributed throughout the features category so listing agents do not have to take time to locate separate Green and Smart features sections. For example, energy-star appliances and solar and wind are interspersed within the heating and cooling section.

When a  green or smart feature is checked, it will automatically be added to a green and smart features “favorites bin,” which will be easily searchable for buyers’ and sellers’ agents looking for listings with these features.


  • PRO NOTE No. 1: If you created a transaction and added a listing input form prior to this launch, May 10, 2018, that old form will remain in your transaction but is now outdated and will no longer function properly.
    BEST PRACTICE: Replace the old listing input form with a new listing input form; all functionality should return!
  • PRO NOTE No. 2: If you maintain a listing in Paragon MLS that was created prior to this form launch, May 10, 2018, you will likely be asked to fill in one or more NEW REQUIRED fields. Please contact our office with questions on this at 823-8838 or info@nnrmls.com.
  • PRO NOTE No. 3: Because extra space was added to give agents the flexibility to add more than one CIC, the NNRMLS team has expanded Paragon’s MLS All Fields Listing Report to a three-page report to accommodate the extra information. This enhancement to Paragon MLS was implemented during this launch.
  • PRO NOTE No. 4: The CIC fields were added to Paragon MLS’s Collab Center system to allow our members’ clients to view this important information.

I thought forms were just updated in January?

RSAR did update their forms in January 2018. However, the forms that are being released on May 10th are not association forms; they are NNRMLS forms. They are not forms licensed by RSAR or SNAR to their members or state-provided forms. These are NNRMLS Listing Input Forms Provided Through Your Membership. 

Where Can I Find the New Forms?

When you log into your Instanet account on Thursday, May 10th you will find all of the new listing input forms already there and programmed correctly. Additionally, you’ll notice some changes, for the better, in the listing input section of your Paragon MLS system. This is because these forms correspond to Paragon’s listing input flow.

What Action Do I Need to Take?

Why the Update?

NNRMLS, its CEO and the Board of Trustees agreed that our members would benefit from a cleaner, more streamlined and more consistent design across all classes of input forms. NNRMLS shifted its form publishing platform to a software that is widely supported and has longevity.

What are the Major Revisions?

  • Residential, Vacant Land, Rental: HOA will be now called CIC, to better align with the Nevada Revised Statutes. Green and Smart features identified, Team Name field added
  • Residential, Multi-Family, Farm & Ranch, Business Opportunity: Green and Smart features identified with new icons
  • Residential, Multi-Family: Section provided to enter Home Energy Efficiency Verifications and/or Certifications 

Are there any NNRMLS listing input forms that were not updated?

MOST of the NNRMLS Listing Forms were updated. The Commercial Listing Input and the Lease Only Listing Input forms were not updated during this round of changes.

Next Steps: Stay Tuned for Future Communications and Training 

  • We will be sending out the NNRMLS FAQ soon after the launch on May 10th with details on the changes
  • Important instructions: How to update your templates in Instanet
  • Make sure to add info@nnrmls.com to your trusted email senders’ list to be sure you don’t miss important instructions/announcements from NNRMLS
  • Subscribe to The MLS Post (the NNRMLS Blog) where we post tutorials on a variety of subjects
  • Broker/Office Training Opportunites: Invite Andrew Cristancho, Director of Member Services and Training, to your office for personalized training for your agents. Visit Andrew’s schedule page to book a 30 or 60-minute training. Specify you would like Andrew to come to your office in the “Topic You’re Interested in Learning” section. 
  • NEW RESOURCE! Click to view the new NNRMLS Terms Wiki Page Here you will find definitions for the fields used in our system along with an FAQ and other resources.