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Paragon Adds Listing Metrics To Popular Collaboration Portal

Are you looking for a collaborative tool where you can involve both your buyers and sellers in one place? Would you like that tool to be mobile friendly? Look no further than Paragon’s Collaboration Center, Collab Center for short. While this post will focus on Collab Center for Sellers, also known as Sell Side, you can learn about Collab Center Buy Side here.
Most agents who’ve been in the business for a while know the value of setting up automatic listing alerts for buyers and Collab Center’s Buy Side fills that bill nicely. Now Paragon and NNRMLS have teamed up to bring you Collab Center Sell Side, which is a great NEW way for agents to keep in touch with their sellers – while adding value by giving your clients real-time 24/7 metrics on their listing’s progress in the local market.

Live Group Training: NNRMLS will be conducting classes on Sell Side on December 4th and 9th:

Register below:

Live in-person classes on December 4th and 9th

Live webinar on December 4th

How do I set up Collab Center Sell Side?

In order to enable your seller for Sell Side, make sure you have the listing and the seller entered into your Paragon MLS system. After that, simply ‘connect’ the two and set your notification preferences. If needed, click here for a short post on how to create a contact in Paragon. Click here if you would like a refresher on how to enter a listing

Step 1: Create the contact. Click Contacts and View/Manage Contacts. 

View_Manage Contacts

Step 2: Click on the name of the contact you want to set up for Sell Side:

Select Contact

Step 3: On the left sidebar click on Seller Activity, then, also on the left sidebar click on Associate Property, then in the center of the page click the blue button that says Select A Listing.

Select a Listing

Step 4: Now click the checkbox that corresponds to your seller’s listing and click Save:

Select Listing

Step 5: To activate your seller’s Sell Side Collab Center site click the red button that says Disabled under the heading that says Enable Sell Side. The button will turn green and say Enabled. Then click the blue button that says Send Welcome Email. You can also preview the Sell Side site by clicking the blue button that says View Site:

Enable Sell Side

Button shown in green below:

Button will turn green when clicked

Step 6: Optional: Before you send your Welcome Email you have the opportunity to write a personalized note to your seller client. You also have the opportunity to preview the ‘look’ of the email by clicking the Preview button. When you’re ready to send your email, click Send. Click Close on the resulting Email Sent window:

Write message to client

Welcome to Collab Center

Step 7: Optional: Sell Side gives you the ability to set automatic emails, either weekly or daily to your seller clients and to yourself. These emails will recap all activity related your seller’s listing. To activate these emails, first click the red button under the Enable Email Report heading that says Disabled to Enabled. The button will turn green. Now click Daily or Weekly for your client, and Daily or Weekly for yourself:

Enable Email Report

Email Report Enabled

How Do I Turn it Off?

If you should ever want to disable the email updates or the client’s Sell Side site you can simply click the green “Enabled” buttons to switch them to “Disabled.”

Where Can I Access Training?

On-Demand Training: Click this link: https://nnrmls.mindflash.com/PublicCoursePage.aspx?c=13163533963 to access our Paragon “Contacts” course in our  Mindflash learning system. This course has easy-to-watch videos on Collab Center Sell Side and Buy Side.

Agents: Schedule a one-on-one or small group class on via our trainer’s Calendly Page.

Brokers: Schedule a custom Broker-Office visit at your office or ours via our trainer’s Calendly Page. Brokers should use the “Brokers ONLY” scheduling blocks.

Live Group Training: NNRMLS will be conducting classes on Sell Side on December 4th and 9th:

Live Webinar class on December 4th: Register here

Live in-person class on December 9th: Register here