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Select Default Report for Email: 
By popular demand! You can now select a default report for emails that are sent manually from the system. This new option eliminates the additional step of having to select the desired report each time you send a manual email with listings.default email view

Please note: This change will cause Paragon to send a Spreadsheet as an attachment if you click the email button while looking at results in a spreadsheet view. To send several listings in a detail report like a Client All Fields please use the “Hyperlink” email type.Attachment_Spreadsheet

Quickly create a new Contact Record for an un-associated email address:
To improve productivity, when an email address does not exist in your Contacts/Address book, the email will display with a green “plus” icon. Selecting this icon will allow you to quickly add basic information and save the email address as a Contact Record.

Add contactUpdate to Auto-Count: 
As an improvement to system performance, the Search Auto-Count feature will not begin to process counts until criteria has been entered into the Search fields or the Count button is pressed.

add criteria in auto count




Power Search:
New! Introducing Power Search as a new option for the top navigation search field which includes the ability to search not only Listings via Street Name, Listing Agent, Listing ID’s, and Asking Price Range but now also includes your Saved Searches, full Property Addresses, Your Contacts, Offices and Members (where applicable). The new Power Search gives you the ability to quickly find targeted results in these highly used areas of the system.

Power search





Please contact the tech team at NNRMLS at 823-8838 or support@nnrmls.com if you have any questions about these changes to your Paragon system.