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On the recommendation of the Sierra Nevada Association REALTORS, the Northern Nevada Regional MLS Leadership have approved the creation of a NEW Area in Douglas County. The NEW Area will be called 374 – Holbrook which will cover 25.9 square miles taken from areas 372 – Topaz and 373 – Spring Valley. This new area will be active in Paragon on September 8th, 2016.

The SNAR workgroup that recommended the creation of this new area suggest that by carving this section from the two other areas, reporting and searching will be more accurate for members since the property types within each area will be more homogenous.

Of course, the listings that are within the affected area will have to be updated. Members with Active or Pending Listings in the new Area 374 will be notified and instructed to update their listings to reflect the New Area 374 – Holbrook.

We have included a screenshot as well as a temporary google map which can be found here. You can search with this map in the same way you use our other area maps to determine the correct area for your listing.

If you have any questions, call 775-823-8838. new area map