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NNRMLS is happy to announce the addition of two listing input fields that will be used by syndication channels for Remarks and Virtual Tour. Syndication channels are websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.  All ListHub partner websites are syndication sites.  These new fields will not be sent to IDX websites, as they are specifically intended for the syndication environment.

Branded Virtual Tour

Enter your Branded Virtual Tour link into this field.  A Branded Virtual Tour can contain your name and company logo. This field will not be sent to IDX sites, but it will be used for syndication. If you opt not to include a Branded Virtual Tour in your listing, the Unbranded Virtual Tour will be used in its place. Branded_Unbranded

Syndication Remarks

Syndication Remarks, a fourth remarks field has been added to listing input. You can enter custom advertising remarks here to be displayed on syndication websites only. If you leave this field blank, the contents of Public Remarks will be duplicated into this field after you save the listing. Listing Agent name, Email, and Listing Office name are appended to this field. This means that if the listing is set to Internet = Yes, and your broker has opted to syndicate, the listing remarks will be sent to syndication websites with your name, email, and brokerage name in the body of the remarks.Syndication-remarks

What else do I need to know?

These fields are optional, and not required for listing input. NNRMLS has added this functionality to give our members greater control over listing display on syndication websites.

The fields are available now in Paragon listing input, and our syndication partners began displaying them late last week.