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New Cloud CMA is now live for all NNRMLS members with a brand new look – including mobile design, modern reports and a better comp search!  

Cloud 2.0

You can try the new Cloud CMA right away! Here’s how to access:

When you login to Cloud CMA from your NNRMLS Member Launchpad you will still be in the “Classic” mode of Cloud CMA, but there will be a pop-up window prompting you to switch to New Cloud CMA. There will also be a link in the top right corner that will allow you to make the switch.

Switch to New version

If for any reason you feel you might want to switch back to Classic, (but we think you will love the new Cloud and want to stay!), you can do so by clicking on your agent image, (or if there’s no agent image, click your initials) in the upper right of the screen – the drop down list will have a link to Switch to Classic. Here’s a look:

Don’t forget: Your NNRMLS membership gives you access to the Cloud Agent Suite, which not only includes New Cloud CMA but also Cloud MLX and Cloud Streams; modern, innovative agent tools that only serve to make you look great in front of your clients!

Cloud Streams and MLXThink of Cloud Streams as the next-gen of auto-listing notifications! Fast, beautiful and easy to use! It features a free agent app and even texts your clients when there’s a new match to their home search! 

Cloud MLX is the MLS search re-imagined; have you ever wished searching the MLS could be as easy as searching Google? Well, now it is with MLX! It also allows you to connect the entire Cloud Agent Suite serving as a hub between all three systems, and it’s responsive design looks great on smartphones and tablets!

Check out our new Cloud Agent Suite webinar posted on our YouTube channel.  You can read more and register for updates about W+R Studio’s awesome agent products including New Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX and Cloud Attract in the The Lightning Bolt.



*This blog post was written by Andrew Cristancho, NNRMLS Director of Member Services and Training. Visit Andrew’s class and appointment registration page here, and you can email him at andrew@nnrmls.com