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Sneak Peek #2! New Cloud CMA Launches in September!

Cloud 2.0 Coming!

The New Cloud CMA includes:

  • An updated look!
  • Improvements to the software’s Interactive CMAs and Buyer Tours!
  • New modern reports!
  • Ability to choose comps from a map view!
  • Ability to add off MLS listings to your reports!

Last time we gave you a preview of the Cloud CMA new look on desktop and on mobile, if you missed that article, click here to check it out.

What’s new with Interactive CMAs and Buyer Tours?

The Interactive CMAs and Buyer Tours have always been a favorite feature, so W+R Studios, makers of Cloud CMA, Streams and MLX, placed them front and center in the New Cloud CMA. Now interactive reports can be shown from any device like your iPad, tablet, laptop, and even your Apple TV!  Just click “Play Slideshow” on any CMA or Buyer Tour to instantly launch the interactive report view.

Here’s a look:

To access the shareable link for the Slideshow, click the stoplight menu and click Copy Slideshow Link:

Why use Interactive reports?

Because they make it super easy for you and your clients to swipe through listing photos and even leave comments about specific properties, and they make you look like a superstar in front of your clients!

Here’s a quick video of a user interacting with a Cloud CMA Interactive slideshow

Pro Tip:

The Interactive Slideshow Reports work great with Cloud CMA’s Buyer Tours as well!

Here’s a peek:

Remember New Cloud CMA will launch for you in early September! Stay tuned to this blog for more sneak peeks!

Once it launches you’ll always be able to switch back to the Classic version of Cloud CMA, but we think once you use the new version you won’t want to go back!

*A portion of this post is courtesy of W+R Studio’s blog: The Lightning Bolt. Click here to read the original post: https://cloudagent.wpengine.com/introducing-new-cloud-cma-better-way-make-reports


*This blog post was written by Andrew Cristancho, NNRMLS Director of Member Services and Training.