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Sneak Peek #3: Selecting Comps and the new Cloud CMA Report Redesign

Today we want to show you what’s new with Selecting Comps and the new Cloud CMA’s Report Redesign. We are just a few days away from the launch of the new Cloud CMA! On September 5 we go live! Please look for more instructions on Launch Day, next Wednesday, about access to the new Cloud. 

Did you miss last week’s Cloud class? Now you can see the recorded webinar by clicking here. Also, if you missed the Interactive Reports article, click here; if you missed the New Look article click here.

Selecting Comps

Click here to watch a video on how to select comps from the map. You now have the ability to manually add in listings that aren’t on the MLS, like FSBOs.

Add a Listing

New Modern Report Themes

All your existing Cloud CMA reports will still be in the New Cloud CMA, and now the folks at W+R have also created a brand new modern report theme category to choose from:

They’ve updated page layouts, branding, and typography so that information is easier for your clients and prospects to understand. Here’s an example:

Additionally, Cloud CMA’s team has updated existing report pages and added in completely new pages as well such as, the Explaining Listing Syndication and Instant offers and iBuyer pages!


*Much of the content for this post is courtesy of W+R Studio’s blog: The Lightning Bolt. Click here to read the original post.