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Are you a REALTOR in need of a map showing all comps you’re researching and a brief description of each listing?

Never fear, I’ve found a way for you to accomplish this task quickly using Paragon 5 and the Bing map report. When you’re done, it should look something like this:

Here’s how:

1. Generate a search for listings using Paragon

2. Click on the green-colored Reports button in the right-hand corner of the light-blue toolbar

3. Click on Bing Map, (it’s usually located in the dropdown menu’s Favorites folder)

4. Use the map’s zoom tool to sufficiently capture all of the listing markers

5. Click on Actions, (located on the light-blue toolbar)

6. Click on PDF, (you’ll need to wait a moment while Paragon converts your view into an online PDF)

7. Click the Save icon on the toolbar, (the toolbar will either appear as an elongated grey oval in the lower center of the preview or a light-colored rectangular toolbar that runs along the top of the preview. The save icon appears as a floppy disk)

8. From the Save As dialogue box, choose where on your computer you would like to store the document

10. Name the file

11. Click the Save button

You can now attach this document to emails generated from Paragon or the email program you prefer.

If you would like help doing this please contact the NNRMLS team at 775-823-8838 or at support@nnrmls.zendesk.com.