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Welcome to Paragon Connect

Paragon Mobile has been replaced with Paragon Connect! Paragon Connect is the newly developed mobile technology designed for Real Estate agents on the go! It represents a vision of a modern, mobile and responsive interface that reimagines the commonly used Paragon functionality and workflows. This application leverages responsive design technology and principles to help make it faster, more intuitive and easy to use.
This powerful tool gives you the power to update or add listings while on the go, whenever and wherever you like!
Try out Paragon Connect now by clicking this link: https://nnrmls.paragonrels.com/ParagonConnect/nnrmls, the username and password will be the same as your Member Launchpad.

Learn More Here

NOTE: If you attempt to access Paragon Mobile via a bookmark or app shortcut link, you will automatically be redirected to an introduction page for Paragon Connect (PC). This page will include information about the upgrade from Paragon Mobile, features and benefits of PC, a button to “Learn More” and an “OK, let’s go!” button to the Paragon Connect login page.

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