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Did you know that you can use ShowingTime to notify showing agents about changes to your seller’s review of offers timeline or price changes?

Some listing agents have an arrangement with their sellers that the review of offers from buyers will take place all at once at some date in the future. When this happens the listing agent will usually add verbiage to their listing comments that might say “All offers will be reviewed on XX date.” Some listing agents are changing the status of these listings to an under-contract status before the stated review-of-offers date. Many members have told us of their frustrations with this scenario because their buyers feel they were told something that did not turn out to be true. Communication is essential in our industry. Keeping your fellow agents well-informed elevates professionalism. When your seller is considering an offer that was presented before the advertised offer-review date, why not MLS like a PRO and use software to message all agents who have scheduled showings for your listing?

How to message showing agents of timeline or price changes using ShowingTime:

Watch this short how-to video or continue reading below:

Continue reading or watch the how-to video above:

Go to ShowingTime and on the left sidebar click Listing Setup. See the image below.

You will now see a list of your listings. Double-click the listing you want to send notifications about.

You will now see many settings choices for your listing. On the left sidebar click Listing Activity Report.

On the next screen click the Send Notification button.

For convenience, the notification window will be set to send to agents that have shown your listing in the last 180 days. The message type will be pre-set and pre-written to notify of a price change. If you have no further editing you can send the message as-is. However, if you want to let showing agents know about a change in the timeline for reviewing offers then change the “Message Type” to “Other” and write in your custom subject and message body. Proof-read your message and click Send. All showing agents will now have a notification from you that your offer-review timeline has changed. Doesn’t it feel great to use software to solve complicated communication problems?

We realize that technology cannot solve all communication issues. Listing agents are compelled to act quickly on behalf of their sellers, and according to state statutes, must present all offers as soon as is practicable, see below for more. Please keep best practices in mind and communicate with cooperating agents who have either already shown your listing, or have scheduled showings of your listing to their buyers.

More about presentation of offers:
Remember that the Nevada Administrative Code, NAC, and the Nevada Revised Statutes, NRS, state that all offers must be submitted to the seller as soon as practicable. That means that if a seller receives an offer prior to what is stated in the MLS, the seller can choose to accept the offer.

NAC 645.546  Representation of clients under brokerage agreements: “Present all offers” and “exclusive agency representation” interpreted. (NRS 645.050, 645.190, 645.254, 645.320)
1.  As used in NRS 645.254, the Commission will interpret the term “present all offers” to include, without limitation:
(a) Accepting delivery of or conveying an offer or counteroffer;
(b) Answering a client’s questions regarding an offer or counteroffer; and
(c) Assisting a client in preparing, communicating or negotiating an offer or counteroffer.

NRS 645.254 Additional duties of licensee entering into brokerage agreement to represent client in real estate transaction. A licensee who has entered into a brokerage agreement to represent a client in a real estate transaction:
4.  Shall present all offers made to or by the client as soon as is practicable, unless the client chooses to waive the duty of the licensee to present all offers and signs a waiver of the duty on a form prescribed by the Division

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