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Did you know mapping your listings correctly can get them noticed more often by buyers’ agents? Think about it…the agent is looking for homes in a certain area and decides to use Paragon’s Bing maps to do a radius search…if your listing isn’t mapped, or “Geocoded,” correctly the search will never find it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly map, or “Geocode“, your listing(s):

1. In the “Maintain Listing” section of Paragon click on the listing you want to Geocode.

maintain listing
2. Click on the MLS number or the “Select an Action” link. If you click “Select an Action”, click on “Maintain Listing” next.

3. Find the line that says “Search By Map” and click on the “Validate Map” link next to it.

Search by map validate map
4. In the “Change Geocode” window, move the map pin to the correct location and click the “Save” button.

Change GeoCode

5. Click the “Save Listing” button. That’s it — you’re done!