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Did you know you can now use the NNRMLS Members Website to manage your contact information? On February 2nd we’re placing a NEW button on the Member Launchpad to make it even easier to do! Read this short blog to find out how this new button will work and how to update your contact information on demand:

What can I update?

The following contact information can be updated 24/7 from the NNRMLS Members website:

If I update my information how long does it take to change?

When NNRMLS members update their contact information using the Manage Membership page on the Members’ website, the changes are made in the NNRMLS database in real-time. This means you don’t have to wait for a staff member to make the change, as soon as you make the update it is done!

How do I update my information?

Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial that shows how easy it is to update your contact information with NNRMLS:

Go to your Member Launchpad at launchpad.nnrmls.com and click the Manage My NNRMLS Membership button, shown below:

The Members’ website will open and you’ll be logged in to the Manage My Membership page. To edit your contact information, scroll to the section you want to change and click Edit. Follow the prompts on the screen until you have saved your preferences.

That’s it! Your information will be updated in the NNRMLS database in real-time. NNRMLS is happy to provide this update that is sure to save time for Brokers, Agents, Appraisers and their Admin Teams! Please feel free to contact us at info@nnrmls.com with questions! For training opportunities, visit our Tech Help page and look for the “Visit the Tech Bar” button.