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We know you’re busy — that’s why we’re suggesting that you create templates in your Instanet account to save time. Templates allow you to quickly add a group of pre-filled forms to a transaction. They also allow you to add contacts and documents to the transaction that you use regularly for your business deals.

Part One: How to build a template in Instanet Lite

1. Click on the Templates link in the center-upper-third of the screen. Instanet Lite





2. Click the blue action arrow to the right of the command I would like to Create New Template.I would like to create a new template


3. Name your template whatever you desire and click the Save button located in the lower right third of the screen. Name your template



4. Don’t worry…mine doesn’t look like much either! But notice a couple of things; along the black bar it tells you that you are viewing your template. Also you can see by the tabs that run along the top of the black bar that you can add Forms, Contacts and Documents. Template successfully created


5. Let’s add some forms by clicking on the blue action arrow to the right of the command I would like to Add New Form.I would like to add new form



6. Click the black plus mark next to Individual Forms to open the folder. Individual forms Individual forms expanded


7. Click on the black plus mark next to Listing Folder. (We’re doing a listing template for this demo — if you’re creating a buyers or property management template then pick the appropriate forms for that business deal). Listing folder opened


8. Select all of the listing forms you might need for a listing transaction by holding down your keyboard’s CTRL key and left clicking your mouse button. (Mac users: Command button and mouse click.) Now click the Add Selected Forms button.



9. You will now see the Forms subfolder of your template populated with the forms you selected. Now, let’s fill them out so we don’t have to later! Template form list




10. Click on a form name to begin filling it in. In this case I’ve chosen to fill out the Duties Owed form first. Notice that I only need to check the Seller/Landlord box, the rest of this form will be auto-filled with transaction details when the time comes. Duties Owed seller checkbox





11. Quickly move to the next form by clicking the Template Forms tool located at the top-center of the form editor. Template Forms button



12. Now click on the form you want to fill in next…in this example I’ll click the Exclusive Right To Sell. You will notice a blue spinning circle as the Duties Owed auto-saves the info you typed and the system brings up the Exclusive Right To Sell. Template Forms listNew template form loadingExclusive Right to Sell







13. Now you can fill in whatever information that doesn’t normally change from deal to deal. You can always change these details later. I’ve typed in sample deadlines in lines 29 and 31. Lines 29 and 31





14. When you’ve filled in all of your forms click File, then Exit to return to the list of forms in your template. File ExitForms list in listing template








15. For many Agents you might want to stop here and start using your templates. But if you’d like you can add documents, (in this case I added a sample “Company Disclosure” form). Add contacts to your templates to save even more time when you create your transactions. PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to add yourself or your brokerage to template as those items are automatically added when you create a transaction.Template Contact types








Part 2: Now that you’ve built your template you’ll likely be anxious to use it…here’s how:

1. While creating a transaction in Instanet Lite, there’s only one chance to add a template in the transaction creation page; (there is a way to add a template after the transaction is created — please contact the NNRMLS for assistance with that option): Transaction creation page lite

It can be found under the heading:
I would like to use a transaction template or copy information from an existing transaction (choose source):


2. When you pick Use a Transaction Template from the Import From dropdown menu, another dropdown menu will appear below it called Use a Transaction Template:Use Transaction template dropdown

You can use this dropdown menu to select whichever template you would like to use. In this example we are going to use the listing template we created earlier in this article, called Listing Template for Single Family Residence. Once you’re finished filling in the rest of the transaction creation page click the Save button located in the lower-right third of the screen.

3. Your transaction will be created populated with all of the forms that you’ve already filled out…so the who is/are the Seller/Landlord checkbox will already be checked: wo is are the seller landlord checkbox duties owed



Lines 29 and 31 in the Exclusive Right to Sell form are already filled in with the customary dates.29 and 31 in Exclusive Right to Sell


 PLEASE NOTE: You can change any of the fields you pre-filled from your templates when the sales situation changes…for example in the above image I could change 90 and 45 to whatever is appropriate for this sales situation.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The information entered into the forms for this article was for demonstration purposes only and not intended as a guideline as to the actual data a Real Estate licensee would enter.

That’s it! We hope that Instanet templates saves you time!