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The Paragon MLS system has a mapping tool to help Buyer’s agents find the perfect property for clients! It’s called a “map search“, and allows agents to draw shapes on a map to micro-target specific areas. It works by using Geocodes, digital codes that match geographical coordinates to the name of a location. But, if your listings are NOT geocoded properly, then Buyer’s agents won’t be able to find them, which is bad for the seller.

Let’s make sure you know how to map your listings!

Listing Agents: Before we learn how to map your listing correctly, let’s learn some facts about geocodes:

There are 6,196 listings in Paragon that have NO geocode. Of those listings, 143 are Active status.Listing Agent: You have missed an opportunity!










The Nevada listings on the above map were incorrectly geocoded. None of these will show up on a buyer’s agent’s map search! Another example of missed opportunity!

What is the solution? You should manually Geocode every listing! Paragon tries to geocode the property for you, but it can be wrong! And if Paragon is unsure about the location, it will leave the geocode blank.

For EVERY listing you should:

  • Enter the data and create the listing
  • Maintain the listing and click Validate Map
  • This will open a pop-up:
    Image of "Change Geocode" screen in Paragon





  • Grab the orange pin and move it to the correct location:







  • Click the Save button.
  • Save your listing.

Let’s review why we need to care about this issue:

Listing agents, why are geocodes important? When you list a property for your client, your main goal is to sell it! If the listing shows in the correct place on the map, it could lead to a faster sale! If you forget to geocode your listing, or if it is coded incorrectly, other agents may not see it; you can miss a sale.

Buyers’ agents, why are geocodes important? Your client is looking for the perfect home in a specific area, you have created a map search in Paragon specifically for this family and they are receiving auto-notifications of every new listing in that area — or are they? If the listing agent has not geocoded or incorrectly geocoded a home in that area, you will never see it.

Help your client sell their house — help the buyer’s agent find your client’s house! Geocode every listing you enter into the MLS.